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Port mourns passing of oldest member

Our 107-year superfan passed away at the start of the year.

6:41pm  Jan 18, 2017

Burgess updates pre-season

Port's head of high performance updates pre-season upon the playing group's return.

5:30pm  Jan 11, 2017

Hombsch wants to stay at Alberton

Key defender says Port is home.

4:30pm  Jan 10, 2017

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MatchVenueTimeAcademy details
Round 1 Thursday, March 24
Norwood 15.10 (100)
Port Adelaide12.3 (75)
N 7:40pm Academy lost by 5pts
Round 2 Sunday, April 3
Adelaide Crows15.14 (104)Port Adelaide10.14 (74)
Man 1:40pm Academy lost to Central by 9pts
Round 3 Saturday, April 9
Port Adelaide21.7 (133)North Adelaide13.12 (90)
Alb 2:10pm Academy lost by 78pts
BYE - Round 4
Round 5 Sunday, April 24
Port Adelaide9.8 (62)Central District13.14 (92)
Alb 2:10pm Academy won by 31pts
Round 6 Sunday, May 1
Sturt18.15 (123)Port Adelaide9.6(60)
U 2:10pm Academy lost by 7pts
Round 7 Saturday, May 7
Port Adelaide14.16 (100) West Adelaide10.13 (73)
Alb 2:10pm Academy lost by 58pts
Round 8 Saturday, May 14
WWT12.10 (82)Port Adelaide6.7 (43)
W 1:40pm Academy lost by 122pts
Round 9 Sunday, May 22
Port Adelaide20.11 (131)South Adelaide12.11 (83)
Alb 2:10pm Academy lost by 17pts
BYE - STATE GAME (Friday, May 22) - SANFL v VFL
Round 10 Saturday, June 4
Port Adelaide17.6 (108)Glenelg19.13 (127)
Alb 2:10pm Academy lost by 23pts
Round 11 Sunday, June 12
Port Adelaide9.10 (64)Sturt12.14 (86)
Alb 2:10pm Academy won by 28pts
Round 12 Saturday, June 18
South Adelaide14.13 (97)Port Adelaide8.6 (54)
H 1:10pm Academy lost by 11pts
BYE - Round 13
Round 14 Saturday, July 2
Central District9.5 (59)Port Adelaide15.8 (98)
E 2:10pm Academy won by 49pts
Round 15 Saturday, July 9
West Adelaide7.14 (56)Port Adelaide19.15 (129)
R 2:10pm Academy lost by 22pts
Round 16 Sunday, July 17
Port Adelaide12.10 (82)Woodville-West Torrens6.5 (41)
Alb 2:10pm Academy lost by 26pts
BYE - Round 17
Round 18 Sunday, July 31
Port Adelaide12.7 (79)Adelaide Crows16.8 (104)
Alb 1:40pm Academy lost to WWT by 81pts
Round 19 Sunday, August 7
North AdelaidePort Adelaide16.11 (107)
P 2:10pm Academy drew with North
Round 20 Saturday, August 13
Glenelg11.13 (79)Port Adelaide20.14 (134)
G 1:40pm Academy lost by 33pts
Round 21 Sunday, August 21
Port AdelaideNorwood
Alb 2:10pm Academy 11.25am
BYE - Round 22


AO: Adelaide Oval Alb: Alberton Oval E: My Money House Oval G: Gliderol Stadium H: Hickinbotham Oval Man: Mannum Oval N: Norwood Oval P: Prospect Oval R: City Mazda Stadium U: Peter Motley Oval W: Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval