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Covers off for Port: David Koch

Jacqui Reed and Matthew Agius  March 5, 2013 5:30 PM

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch

We want people to come to the footy, and our membership is really giving us a lot of confidence in that regard.
PORT ADELAIDE president David Koch has confirmed all bar two of the vinyl seat covers at AAMI Stadium will be removed in a bid to encourage Power fans to get to the football.

Introduced in 2010, the large banners cover 12 bays of the ground, and reduce its patron capacity by 7,000.

Initially they were used as a tool to boost revenue at the club by promoting the club’s sponsors, but it appears the banners won’t be a feature at AAMI Stadium for much longer.

Only two bay covers – those promoting road safety messages for the Motor Accident Commission – will remain as of round one.

“There are a couple that we are contracted to for this season, so we’ve got to keep them there,” Koch told

“We want people to come to the footy, and our membership is really giving us a lot of confidence in that regard.”

Power memberships have surged already this year, with the club aiming on breaking its record from 1998, which saw 38,305 fans sign up.

“We ticked over 30,000 members last Friday. We are running 10-15 percent in terms of membership, ahead of what we were last year.”

“We’re pretty confident that we’ll end up in the very high 30’s, maybe even crack the 40,000 members, and we haven’t seen at Port Adelaide before.”

"We have to get out of 5015 as a postcode," Koch said of their traditional Alberton home.

"We are a national brand, we're playing in a national competition on the field and we're playing in a national competition off the field as well.

"This represents where we're heading."

Fans can also expect a dramatically different game-style from the Power this year, with Koch demanding a more exciting brand of football from the players and coaching staff.

“The way we play is important. For me it’s not necessarily the result, it’s the way we play.”

“I reckon we’ve all got way too grumpy and serious these days. I want to bring the fun back. Fun to play, fun to be a part of, and if we can do that, we’ll be alright.”