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How to trick your partner into naming your baby after your footy club

January 16, 2016 9:01 AM

AFL 2015 Rd 03 - North Melbourne v Port Adelaide

It's your team, so why not make sure it belongs to your kids as well?

MIXED marriages have been happening for ages, in footy terms, sometimes love clouds your better judgement.

In the past, that might have seen a Port Adelaide supporter tie the knot with a Westies, Bays, Roosters or (heaven forbid) Redlegs supporter. 

Nowadays, we see Port supporters falling for fans of the Crows, 'Woods, Dons, even the Brisbane Lions...

So how does one ensure their progeny choose the right side?

Well as the example of one Sydneysider shows us, it might all be in a name. 

The fan of English Premier League side Arsenal had the novel idea of naming his daughter 'Lanesra' - unique, supposedly romantic and most definitely the name of his favourite team in reverse.

Following this bloke's lead, perhaps the Alberton faithful can start calling their newborns 'Trop'?

Don't like putting 'Port' in reverse? Maybe rearrange it to 'Torp' (at least you can tell a suspicious partner that you simply love long, spiralling punts kicked from beyond 50 metres). 

Naming children after icons of football is nothing new, Power fan Tim Berbec having last year named his child 'Tredrea' in honour of the club's first AFL premiership captain.

We don't mind this first idea either, if you plan on having two kids...


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