PTV: Port Adelaide song in Pitjantjatjara

We have given the traditional Port Adelaide theme song a different twist in Pitjantjatjara language in dedication to Sir Douglas Nicholls round.

Pitjantjatjara translation for Port Adelaide club song

5 May 2016 12:11 PM

WITH Port Adelaide's song now translated into Pitjantjatjara by Tjinkuma Wells and Paul Eckert for Sir Douglas Nicholls Round (Round 10), you might be wondering what the translation actually is.

Not every word of the English originally directly translates into Pitjantjatjara - the concept of 'Power' for instance - but you get the picture.


English song Pitjantjatjara translation Literal translation
We've got the power to win Nganana wanangara We have the power of a lightning bolt 

Power to rule

Come on, Port Adelaide aggression Walawalaya kunpu inkama Come on, play strongly
We are the Power from Port Nganana urunguru We are from the port
It's more than a sport Wanangara We're like a lightning bolt
It's a true Port Adelaide tradition Tjakangkala kunpu inkapai In our tradition we play strong
We'll never stop, stop, stop Wantinytja wiyala We keep on playing, climbing to the top 
'Til we're top, top, top Ma-tatinma
There's history here in the making Kalanyaya rawangju kulilku They'll always remember us
We've got the Power to win Witulya ngaralala Standing strong, we'll keep on playing 
We'll never give in' Inkamalta
'Til the flag is ours for the taking Munula turapi mantjini And receive the trophy
Power! Wanangara! Lightning bolt!


English song Pitjantjatjara translation Literal translation
With our tradition so strong Nganampa ara kunpu Our tradition is strong
We can't go wrong Tjukuritja Like dreamtime law
We're the Alberton crowd Mirawaninyila We [supporters] shout our praises
Port Adelaide proud Port Adelaide-anya For Port Adelaide
And the heroes are those Tunguntunguntula We [players] play with great perseverence 
Who've earned the right Inkarampa
To wear the silver, teal Maru piranpa Wearing the silver, teal, black and white 
And black and white Tjilpa tiil kanyini
And the Port supporters Kaya rapa ngarala And they [supporters] confidently shout for us 
Standing tall Mirapai
True believers Wantinytja wiya They don't stop
One and all Kutjutu Everyone together