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Trengove: I wouldn't have missed it for the world

WHILE it was a disappointing weekend in both the SANFL and AFL for Port Adelaide, midfielder Jack Trengove at least had good reason to celebrate, after his sister Jessica Trengove won bronze in the marathon on the final day of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Jessica finished third behind Namibian Helalia Johannes and Australian teammate Lisa Weightman, in a time of 2:34:09.

The result backed up her performance at the 2014 games in Glasgow when she also won bronze.


Jack was there to cheer his sister on, having flown out of Adelaide on Saturday night, shortly after he played for the Magpies in their draw against the Eagles.

Trengove had 22 disposals, four tackles and three marks for the Magpies while battling wet and windy conditions that saw a lack of scoring from both teams.

 “I was lucky enough to get to Glasgow to watch her get a bronze medal at the last Commonwealth Games as well and the conditions were certainly a lot different in the Gold Coast,” Trengove said.

“It was a lot warmer and we saw a lot of different athletes in distress because it was so hot and humid, so just to watch her fight it out and back up her last performance with another bronze medal was incredible and so inspiring so I couldn’t be prouder of her.”


The 26-year-old was given special permission by Power Coach Ken Hinkley to spend a few days with his family, and he was extremely grateful.

“When I found out I would be playing at Alberton on Saturday I looked at the flight schedule because I wanted to make sure I could get out there and the last flight was at six o’clock, so I thought I might be running tight for time,” Trengove said.

“So as soon as the game ended and Lokes (coach Matthew Lokan) had given us his post-match review I quickly jumped in the shower and then the car and went straight to the airport to make sure I got there in time.

“It was a pretty quick couple of days but as I said to Jess, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

“It’s pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your sister representing Australia on home soil so I wanted to make sure I was there and a part of it.”

That support was particularly evident with more than 100 people in the crowd wearing personalised “Team Trengove” t-shirts.

Jack Trengove saying the shirts were a way to give his sister some extra energy during her 42-kilometre run.

“Mum organised it when we went to Glasgow and there were probably only about ten made up,” he said.

“It was a way for us to find each other in the crowd and for Jess to be able to look up and identify us so she reckons she gets a hell of a lot out of seeing our faces and it gives her a boost when she’s running.

“This time around Mum went to do it again but had a few more requests, with about a hundred or so made and then more people came forward to get more made after that as well.

“She was pretty appreciative to have the whole family up there, she’s had great support.”

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