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Saints fined for eye poking

Pokes to the eyes of star Power players sanctioned by MRP.

6:51pm  Aug 3, 2015

AFLCA: Robbie's perfect 10

Robbie Gray got the perfect 10 votes from the coaches

5:51pm  Aug 3, 2015

The run home: Round 18

Take a look at the run home for the teams competing for the top 8.

5:31pm  Aug 3, 2015

Injury Update: Round 18

Young defender put in for surgery.

3:58pm  Aug 3, 2015

Westhoff earns Goal of the Year nom

Justin Westhoff's brilliant dribble goal has earned him a GOTY nomination.

2:42pm  Aug 3, 2015

The 10: round 18's best moments

Justin Westhoff's goal against the Saints finds its way into the top 10 moments of the round.

August 3, 2015  2:01 PM