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We are Port Adelaide


2004 AFL Grand Final v Brisbane Lions

Saturday afternoon, 25 September 2004, MCG

Port Adelaide 4.5 6.6 12.8 17.11 (113)
Brisbane 2.2 6.7 9.9 10.13 (73)

Norm Smith Medallist: Byron Pickett (Port Adelaide)

Best: Port Adelaide B&F votes - K Cornes 16, P Burgoyne 15, Pickett 15, Wanganeen 14, James 13, Wakelin 13, Brogan 12, Carr 12 Best Brisbane - Michael, Notting, Bradshaw, Lappin

Goals: Port Adelaide - Wanganeen 4, Pickett 3, Thurstans 3, Carr, Tredrea, Dew, Lade, S Burgoyne, Kingsley, Mahoney Brisbane - Notting 3, Akermanis 3, Bradshaw 3, Keating

Disposals: Port Adelaide - P Burgoyne 25, Pickett 20, K Cornes 19 Brisbane - Lappin 25, Notting 19, Power 19

Umpires: Mathew James, Brett Allen, Shane McInerney

Crowd: 77,671

2004 Premiership Players

No. Player 2004 games Total PAFC games* Total AFL games*
19 BISHOP Matthew 24 96 114
20 BROGAN Dean 23 54 54
7 BURGOYNE Peter 23 155 155
8 BURGOYNE Shaun 25 67 67
9 CARR Josh 19 105 105
25 CASSISI Domenic 25 43 43
35 CORNES Chad 24 122 122
18 CORNES Kane 25 69 69
17 DEW Stuart 22 136 136
11 HARDWICK Damien 14 54 207
38 JAMES Roger 19 137 137
29 KINGSLEY Adam 19 144 144
5 LADE Brendon 24 124 124
22 MAHONEY Josh 19 49 49
3 MONTGOMERY Brett 14 103 163
15 PICKETT Byron 15 40 160
6 SCHOFIELD Jarrad 25 131 194
28 THURSTANS Toby 25 35 35
16 TREDREA Warren (C) 25 155 155
2 WAKELIN Darryl 23 87 202
4 WANGANEEN Gavin 19 149 276
21 WILSON Michael 23 136 136

* records current to end of 2004 season


How they lined up


FF Gavin Wanganeen Brendon Lade Toby Thurstans
FB Chris Scott Mal Michael Darryl White


HF Josh Mahoney Warren Tredrea Peter Burgoyne
HB Robert Copeland Justin Leppitsch Chris Johnson


C Damien Hardwick Josh Carr Byron Pickett
C Brad Scott Michael Voss Luke Power 

HBShaun BurgoyneChad CornesBrett Montgomery
HFJustin AkermanisJonathan BrownMartin Pike


FB Michael Wilson Darryl Wakelin Matthew Bishop
FF Craig McRae Alistair Lynch Daniel Bradshaw


Foll Dean Brogan Roger James Kane Cornes
Foll Aaron Keating Nigel Lappin Simon Black


Int Stuart Dew Domenic Cassisi Adam Kingsley Jarrad Schofield
Int Dylan McLaren Blake Caracella Tim Notting Richard Hadley

*positions show where the players started on the ground at the opening bounce.


Every Goal Scored



7min – Carr – on the run, 40m
Leppitsch tried to handball backwards under pressure on the flank. The ball bounced before it got to its target in Lappin, Carr ran straight at the footy, grabbed it on the 50, broke Lappin’s tackle, ran to 40 and slotted it.
PA 1.1 BL 0.2 (PA by 5 points)

11min – Lade – set shot, 45m
Thurstans marked Lappin’s errant kick on half back, immediately handballed to Shaun who kicked perfectly from the centre of the ground to Lade, marking above his head, running toward the boundary. A sensational kick from only a couple of metres inside the boundary line.
PA 2.1 BL 0.2 (PA by 11 points)

15min – Tredrea – set shot, 45m
Johnson’s kick from a behind went out on the full. The Power chipped it around outside 50 until Peter found Tredrea leading to the boundary with a kick that had to be perfect. From an even sharper angle than Lade, Tredrea sent it through for his 81st of the season.
PA 3.2 BL 0.2 (PA by 18 points)

19min – Akermanis – set shot, 51m
Keating won a ball on the ground on centre wing, got the handball to Lappin who hit Akermanis on the chest. Kicked from just outside the 50, a metre inside the boundary line.
PA 3.3 BL 1.2 (PA by 13 points)

22min – Akermanis – set shot, 50m
Brisbane switched in defence then ran it up the middle through Michael who kicked a long pass to the Shaun-Akermanis contest. Shaun rested his hands in the back of Akermanis who ended up flat on his stomach and won the free directly in front.
PA 3.4 BL 2.2 (PA by 8 points)

27min – Pickett – on run, 5m
Throw in 25m out, the ball went over the ruck contest, Dew and Brad Scott both go for it, it gets knocked forward and somehow Pickett seems to know where it’s going. He runs at it, picks up 15m out, keeps running towards goal and kicks on an angle from close range.
PA 4.5 BL 2.2 (PA by 15 points)



7min – Pickett – on run, 48m
Akermanis won a free kick for holding against Wilson 25m out directly in front but the free was reversed to Hardwick after Akermanis pushed him in the face. The Power brought it out of defence quickly, Thurstans winning an important ball on the wing and James tapping it forward to Pickett. He grabbed it on centre wing, bounced twice (once with each hand) and kicked through it beautifully. Only 31 seconds elapsed between Akermanis receiving the free and the Power’s goal.
PA 5.5 BL 2.4 (PA by 19 points)

15min – Keating – set shot, 40m
Bradshaw marked on the boundary line on the wing, then kicked long inside 50. Keating took a big mark over his head, over the top of Tredrea. Shot was from a 45 degree angle.
PA 5.6 BL 3.6 (PA by 12 points)

19min– Bradshaw – set shot, 45m
Copeland got a hand to a Pickett pass that Tredrea was about to mark and after some handballs under pressure in the centre square, Michael had time to kick to the Bradshaw-Chad contest. The Lion gave a push from behind at the last minute to take the mark and kick from the same angle as Keating’s goal, just a bit further out.
PA 5.6 BL 4.6 (PA by 6 points)

20min – Akermanis – on run, 20m
Throw in 20m out, ball tapped to space. Lappin was first to run onto it, he handballed to Caracella who handballed to Akermanis. The Brownlow Medallist took about five steps towards the boundary line to set up the tightest possible angle where he nailed it on his left.
PA 5.6 BL 5.6 (level)

21min – Notting – general play, 10m
Brisbane won the centre clearance and Bradshaw marked one-on-one against Bishop on half forward and kicked long to the goalsquare. Wakelin spoiled Brown, Voss helped the ball spill forward to Notting who kicked quickly around his body from the top of the goal square.
PA 5.6 BL 6.6 (BL by 6 points)

26min – Thurstans – set shot, 30m
Came directly from Bishop’s kick out from the rushed behind. Wakelin, Shaun and Montgomery important in getting it to Carr who kicked to Thurstans who was well clear of White. Kicked from a tough angle.
PA 6.6 BL 6.7 (BL by 1 point)



1min – Thurstans – set shot, 20m
Hardwick ran at Brown on the edge of the square just before the bounce to start the second half and the Lion forward shoved him inside the square, giving Brogan (the starting ruckman) a free. He handballed to Chad who found Wanganeen just outside 50m. He kicked high to a contest and Thurstans won a free against White for holding. Slotted it from an angle.
PA 7.6 BL 6.7 (PA by 5 points)

4min – Notting – on run, 30m
Some real pressure stuff on the Brisbane half forward line, tackle after tackle. Eventually Voss found Power in space who handballed to Notting running towards goal. He evaded Carr and kicked well on the run from a slight angle.
PA 7.7 BL 7.7 (level)

5min – Notting – general play 25m
Bishop headed across goals for the boundary line after grabbing a loose ball but Power got there, outbodied Wilson for the ball and handballed to Notting again who kicked quickly on his left under pressure and it just snuck inside the post.
PA 7.7 BL 8.7 (BL by 6 points)

7min – Pickett – set shot, 50m
Pickett attempted to mark Tredrea’s high ball, he then recovered well and put his head over the footy hunting the loose ball. Voss collected him high in the process and Pickett slotted the free kick from directly in front.
PA 8.7 BL 8.7 (level)

10min – Bradshaw – set shot, 48m
Keating thumped it forward from a centre bounce, Brown leapt and tapped it on, Power handballed to Voss, who chip kicked it to Bradshaw, who marked on his chest in front of Bishop.
PA 8.7 BL 9.7 (BL by 6 points)

22min – Mahoney – set shot, 30m
Akermanis was running towards goal but dropped it as he went to kick it 52m out. The resulting turnover included Peter, Pickett, Thurstans and Schofield but it was Montgomery who kicked long to Mahoney who marked high on his chest despite pressure from Johnson directly in front.
PA 9.8 BL 9.8 (level)

24min – Wanganeen – set shot, 35m
Wanganeen and Lade both almost marked up forward after a good build up, the ball was cleared to the boundary line outside 50m where Mahoney dived on it, slapping it towards Pickett who picked up, took a few steps and expertly kicked to space in front of goal where Wanganeen marked unopposed with Kingsley covering.
PA 10.8 BL 9.8 (PA by 6 points)

27min – Shaun – on run, 15m
Thurstans won a contested ball on centre wing sent it well inside 50 where a ball-up was forced. Lade tapped it directly into the path of the Power goals, Dew just overran it but Shaun (moved up forward this term) was there to pick it up, take two steps and boot it through from the edge of the goal square.
PA 11.8 BL 9.8 (PA by 12 points)

29min – Wanganeen – on run, 10m
Peter won a tight contested ball in the centre square and kicked quickly. Dew got under it and handballed to a running Mahoney who spotted Wanganeen getting behind his opponent. The kick just cleared Copeland and Chris Scott, landing in Wanganeen’s lap behind them. He turned round and ran into an open goal.
PA 12.8 BL 9.8 (PA by 18 points)


2min – Wanganeen – on run, 15m
Throw in on half forward flank, Peter comes out running, finds Schofield who kicks inside 50. Chris Scott couldn’t mark thanks to Wanganeen’s pressure, Johnson grabs it but Shaun lays a strong tackle that spills the ball loose 25m from the Power goal. Lade picks up and handballs to Wanganeen who has time to kick an easy one on his right. Raises both arms in celebration.
PA 13.8 BL 9.9 (PA by 23 points)

5min – Wanganeen – general play, 40m
Cassisi kicked to the Brogan contest inside 50. Ball came to ground where Notting grabbed it but ran into Kane’s head on tackle. He handballed out but it was intercepted by Montgomery who in a flash handballed to Wanganeen who quickly kicked across his body on his right boot, finishing on the ground. A terrific goal.
PA 14.8 BL 9.9 (PA by 29 points)

9min – Bradshaw – on run, 35m
Schofield’s pass to Kane on half back became loose where Akermanis picked up and handballed long to Bradshaw who was able to kick on the run without pressure.
PA 14.8 BL 10.10 (PA by 22 points)

12min – Thurstans – set shot, 40m
Schofield passed to Carr who ran down the wing, went inside 50 and kicked just as he got tackled. It forced the kick to come of the edge of his left boot but Thurstans was first to see where it was going and took an unattended chest mark directly in front.
PA 15.8 BL 10.11 (PA by 27 points)

22min – Dew – set shot, 49m
Brisbane were under pressure coming out of defence and Wilson was able to grab a loose ball and get it to Pickett who chip passed back inside 50 to a loose Dew on a tight angle. He’d missed two earlier in the day but this one (only a metre or two away from where the 50m meets the boundary) was the one to savour. Looked to the heavens after kicking it.
PA 16.10 BL 10.11 (PA by 35 points)

24min – Kingsley – general play, 40m
Thurstans turned over another kick-out and handballed to Dew who from the boundary line gave a little chip pass to Kingsley. He marked facing the boundary line, took a quick look at the goals, then took two steps forward and on his left boot sent home the final major of Season 2004.
PA 17.11 BL 10.11 (PA by 42 points)