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At the Port Adelaide Football Club, we want to promote the rich living culture of the first Australians.

A very significant part of one of our services is the opportunity for companies, agencies or individuals to be taken on a journey through our Aboriginal Cultural Awareness workshop.

In this workshop, we interactively discuss the following:

  • Aboriginal culture
  • Our Religion - Dreaming
  • Raise awareness of Aboriginal people and communities
  • Aboriginal values and belief systems
  • Identity and Communication
  • Kinship – Family, Kinship & Relationships
  • Aboriginal history and some past policies that impacted Aboriginal communities
  • Provide a statistical overview and the reasons behind the Close the Gap initiative
  • Aboriginal employment and providing a culturally appropriate environment
  • Interactive Learning
  • Food tasting – (subject to availability and pricing)
  • Demonstrations – (subject to location and pricing)

These sessions can be modified to suit individual company needs.

Our core PAFC workshops duration is 3½ hours and undertaken by PAFC staff and occasionally past players.

We discuss family history, generational disadvantage, socio-economic and environmental impacts that stem from past policies and practices.

We hope to give participants a real insight into Aboriginal people, current day issues and the ways forward through reconciliation.

Direct enquiries to Kellie Graves, Aboriginal Programs Manager,