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WillPOWER was established by PAFC in 2013. Initially it was a SA metropolitan-based program but has since evolved to become a remote school attendance and retention incentive based program for students in years 5-9.

In 2017 PAFC partnered with Deadly choices to embed routine health checks into the program. WillPOWER is currently delivered to 27 communities in the APY and Maralinga Lands of SA & the Barkly Region of NT.

Each term the WillPOWER team present and deliver within the classrooms a new module that aligns with the School curriculum and Deadly Choices initiatives. Online Video conferencing is also used each term to connect our PAFC players with the students as a reward for dedication to their schooling.

 WillPOWER works with this younger cohort to provide guidance and positive reasons to stay engaged with schooling and encourages individuals to complete their education.

PAFC staff, players and role models use real life experiences to connect and engage with students. Twice yearly PAFC host carnivals as a reward for students’ commitment to schooling attendance, participation, leadership & retention.

In 2018 the WillPOWER program works directly with 500 Aboriginal Remote students in years 5-9. The WillPOWER Initiative has directly been linked to school attendance improvement outcomes.

Direct enquiries to Wade Thompson, Aboriginal Programs Coordinator at 

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