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The WillPOWER program is a prelude to the Aboriginal Power Cup and is delivered to students in Years 5-9.

WillPOWER works with younger children to provide guidance and positive reasons to stay engaged in schooling and complete secondary education.

WillPOWER is the strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes or plans. We want students participating in WillPOWER to be determined, driven, disciplined, resilient and in control of their destination. Commencing in September 2013, WillPOWER expanded into regional and remote South Australia and the Northern Territory in 2014. In 2019 WillPOWER will be focusing on delivery in the APY and Maralinga Lands within South Australia.

We employ a diverse curriculum to deliver education in person and remotely, including

  • Face to face school visits with past and current PAFC players and staff, and role models from other sports, such as Olympic volleyballer Taliqua Clancy or past players and present PAFC players.
  • In-school activities and student workbooks
  • Remote video conferencing with Port Adelaide Football Club players
  • Football carnivals as a reward for school attendance
  • Invitation to tour the Port Adelaide Football Club headquarters

Our curriculum covers a range of subject areas:

  • Culture and Identity (Language)
  • Healthy Living - oral health and hygiene
  • Leadership, respect and rules
  • Keeping my community beautiful
  • Positive decision making and self-motivation
  • The risks of substance misuse
  • Reflection, dreams and goal setting
  • Road safety
  • Cyber bullying & social media
  • Numeracy and literacy

As an addition to the WillPOWER program, the Deadly Choices program runs in unison to empower Aboriginal people to make deadly (excellent) choices. The program focusses on key educational elements; chronic disease, tobacco cessation, leadership, nutrition, physical activity, harmful substances, healthy relationships, and access to health checks. Deadly Choices encourages Aboriginal people to participate in regular health checks with the aim to improve the overall life expectancy of Aboriginal people.

Direct enquiries to Wade Thompson, Aboriginal Programs Coordinator,

Sponsorship enquiries to Kellie Graves, Aboriginal Programs Manager,

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