What is the crowd capacity?

Current SA Health and Government guidelines permit a crowd of 50% of stadium capacity.

This capacity factors in the requirement to adhere to social distancing guidelines and AFL regulations around crowd attendance. This includes;

  • Rows A and B on ground level must not have spectators
  • Minimum for 6 seats around the players race, interchange bench and coaches’ boxes must not have spectators
  • All spectators must have a reserved seat. Standing areas, including the Hill will not be available.
  • Available seats will be in a ‘checkerboard’ pattern

Are memberships and tickets transferable?

Tickets must not be on-sold, any member caught re-selling their tickets will have their membership cancelled. If you are unable to attend you are permitted to forward your ticket to friends/family or notify Ticketek so your tickets can be reallocated to other members.

Can I bring my infant child without a ticket if they are under 5?

No. All members need to be ticketed. If your child was not included in your Ticket Allocation entry, they are unable to attend the game.

Can I purchase guest tickets?

No. There will be no public tickets available for this game.

Is there free public transport?

Yes, the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive Footy Express’ will be in operation. All regular Adelaide Metro weekend bus, train and tram services are also free with your AFL game day ticket from first to last service on game day.
Regular Adelaide Metro weeknight bus, train and tram services are free three hours prior to the game start time with your AFL game day ticket. Full timetables can be found at adelaidemetro.com.au 

Is car parking available?

Casual parking available is available - $20 (card only) and payable upon entry, subject to capacity,

North Car Park – Access Via Pennington Terrace

Uni Lane Car Park - Access Via Pennington Terrace

Oval No.2 Car Park – Access Via Montefiore Road

Can I move around the venue to visit friends?

No. There are several seating restrictions in place from the government and the AFL and we ask for your understanding and support in sitting in the section and row listed on your ticket. You will not be able to move around the venue into other areas except to enter and exit the venue.

Can I stand on the Hill or in other Standing Areas?

No, the Hill and other standing areas will not be available. There are several seating restrictions in place from SA Health and the AFL and we ask for your understanding and support in sitting in the section and row listed on your ticket for the duration of the game.

Can I ask for autographs at the fence or interact with players?

No, contact with players and club staff is prohibited. Members will not be able to sit or stand in the first two rows of every section on level 1 and around the players races or interchange bench to ensure the AFL’s strict health protocols are met.

Will food and beverage outlets be open?

Selected food and beverage outlets will be open. Please note, you will only be able to access the outlets closest to your seat. You will not be able to move into different areas of the ground to purchase different items. Payment will be via card only. When purchasing food, please maintain social distancing while queuing.

You are also able to bring food from home to consume at the ground.

Will there be a Post-Match function?

No, due to current SA-Health restrictions in place at the venue there will be no post-match function.

Will there be a March from the Mall?

In the interest of reducing crowd gatherings, there will be no March from the Mall.

Where do the players run onto the field from?

The Port Adelaide players’ race exits onto the Adelaide Oval from Bay 125 in the south-eastern pocket of the Adelaide Oval. The players run onto and from the ground via the Players Race.

What is the Gameday Code of Conduct and does it apply to me?

The Port Adelaide Football Club Gameday Code of Conduct applies to all Members and supporters of the club and spectators at Port Adelaide home games.

We are a family club with strong values when it comes to the enjoyment and participation in Australian Football either as a player, official or spectator.

Conditional on the attendance at Port Adelaide home games or as a Member or supporter of the club at any games is an understanding and acceptance of the Club’s Gameday Code of Conduct.

What hashtags do I use when sharing my experience at the game on social media?

When you’re watching the game and interacting on your phone, make sure you use the right hashtags for the match.

If uploading updates to social media, use the hashtag #weareportadelaide to join the conversation!