PETER BURGOYNE is a proud father having seen his son drafted by the club where he made his name.

But the 2004 Premiership hero has issued some stern advice to his son Jase, warning his AFL dream could be short lived if he doesn’t work hard for it.

Jase became Port Adelaide’s fifth AFL father-son recruit when his name was called with pick 60 of the NAB AFL National Draft on Thursday night.

It continues a proud legacy of Burgoynes representing Port Adelaide, which includes Peter’s father Peter Snr, Peter’s brother Shaun and Peter’s eldest son Trent.

Speaking at Alberton Oval on Friday morning, Peter Burgoyne was thrilled for his son, and setting no limits as to his son’s potential.

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Jase & Peter Burgoyne press conference - 26 November 2021| PTV

Father son selection Jase Burgoyne and father Peter speak to the media at Alberton Oval

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“It’s a proud day,” the beaming father said. “It’s all about Jase. He’s done the hard work and he deserves everything he gets.

“Jase is still young, he’s pretty raw. I think his ceiling nobody knows.

“I think he’ll be a mix between me and (my brother) Shaun. He can play down forward, down back and in the midfield.

“Put on 10-15kgs and it’s going to be a good career, I think.”

Peter, who played 240 AFL games and won both SANFL and AFL premierships with the club, said he expected his brother Shaun and fellow 2004 premiership players Chad Cornes and Brett Montgomery to help make the transition easier for Jase, with the trio currently working at the club.

He also said his son was “a big boy” who “can look after himself”, and issued him some stern advice.

“My next advice to him is you can’t take no shortcuts. You’re in the big league now and if you take shortcuts, they’ll show you the door straight away,” Peter Burgoyne said.

“If you want to play AFL, you’ve got to be a fitness fanatic. You’ve got to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is and if you don’t do that, you’ll be found out pretty quick and the senior players will pull you into line. That’s the way it was when I was here.

“It’s cut throat and you can be gone as soon as you’ve been picked up.”

Jase Burgoyne is excited to continue the long line of Burgoynes plying their trade at Alberton.

Peter and Jase spent the draft night watching the coverage at a friend’s house, with some high-profile friends also dropping in.

Jase, who had been part of Port Adelaide’s Next Generation Academy and was very familiar with Alberton, had expected to end up on Port’s list but found himself anxiously waiting to hear his name.

“Obviously, I had to sit last night all the way through to the end but I’m just happy to finally be here and can’t wait to get started,” he said.

“I was a bit unsure if a bid was going to come so I was pretty much on the edge of my seat every pick I think and it didn’t end up coming… so I’m just happy to finally be at Port.

“I was with the whole family – dad, my cousins, my sisters and brothers, a few AFL guys like Kozzie Pickett came over, Nasiah Wanganeen came over who was drafted in the first round so it was good scenes there.

“There were a couple of cheers and lots of hugs. Everyone was congratulating me.”

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Jase Burgoyne highlights | PTV

See the best of father-son selection Jase Burgoyne.

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Jase admitted the feeling was bitter sweet with his brother Trent being delisted by the club at the end of the 2021 season.

He said he would have loved to have played together at the club where his father and uncle made their names but it was not to be.

“I was still pretty young when Dad retired in 2009 so I have memories of kicking the footy with Trent on the side but that’s about it,” the teenager explained.

“Growing up the goal was to play at Port with Trent. It didn’t work out. Me and him talked about it and he’s still happy for me.

“Obviously, I grew up supporting Port and my dad played here. It’s pretty surreal, it hasn’t kicked in yet but I’m just happy to be here.”

The next goal is to get into training and build on his light 65kg frame and built towards shifting from half back into the midfield.

And carrying the Burgoyne name doesn’t feel like a burden.

“I don’t feel like there’s too much pressure on me,” he said.

“There’ll always be extra eyes on me having the Burgoyne name and who my dad and uncle were but I don’t feel like there’s too much pressure on me.”

And in good news for Port Adelaide supporters, there are more Burgoynes to come.

“I’ve got two more sons so there’s a couple more to come,” Peter explained.

“Rome’s a couple more years away. He’s going alright, he’s looking the goods and some are even saying he’s got Jase covered, but time will tell.”