The Power Intercultural Program presented an exciting new opportunity for the teachers involved in the program with its first Power Intercultural Program Professional Development Workshop.

The workshop was made up of three presentations including an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Workshop that was presented by Marlon Motlop and Braedon Talbot, who are members of the Power Community Limited Aboriginal Programs team. This presentation focussed on the rich, living culture of Australia’s First Nations people and is used to educate non-indigenous Australians a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture. The presentation covers the importance of cultural similarities that enable attendees to compare the cultural backgrounds of students throughout the program.

The second presentation was delivered by Michael Voss, Senior Assistant Coach of the Port Adelaide Football Club and focussed on leadership and facilitation skills. Michael provided an insight into how the coaches have adopted a new model of delivery, in which they empower the players to make on-field decisions and discuss options in real time. This resonated well with the teachers in attendance as they too have been asked to facilitate rather than teach within the program, so that the students are empowered to research their own culture and teach it to their peers. 

The group then heard from current players, Sam Hayes and Jarrod Lienert, who spoke about their individual journeys to playing AFL and also their understand of leadership. Lienert a teacher himself was able to articulate his learnings from the football club and how it could be applied to the classroom.