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Young Magpie flies north

Sean Lemmens will leave Alberton after being drafted by the Suns (pic:
Sean Lemmens will leave Alberton after being drafted by the Suns (pic:
Everyone at the club wishes Sean all the best in the next exciting phase of his career.
Scott Peters, SANFL Football Manager
SEAN LEMMENS will depart Alberton as a Gold Coast player after the young Port Adelaide SANFL star was drafted by the Suns in the 2013 NAB AFL Draft.

Lemmens will join the Suns after they used pick 27 to secure him in the second round of Thursday night's draft.

He becomes the first Magpie to be taken by the league's second-newest franchise.

Review all of Port Adelaide's selections in the 2013 AFL Draft

Having played throughout the 2013 season as part of Port Adelaide's senior SANFL sides and the South Australian Under-18 team, Lemmens becomes the latest in a long list of Magpie talents to enter the national competition.

Port's SANFL Football Manager Scott Peters told Lemmens had a breakout year which led to his League debut in the final round of the 2013 season.

"Sean is an outstanding young man, who is highly respected at our football club," said Peters.

"He joined the Magpies from local club Salisbury back in 2007 where he played in the Under-13s and progressed steadily through the grades and began playing senior footy with the reserves in 2012.

"This year was a breakout year for Sean, starting with solid form in the reserves.

"He got an opportunity to play for South Australia in the Under-18s National Championships where he performed solidly across half back. The Championships gave Sean enormous confidence and upon his return to the Magpies, played some outstanding games culminating with his league debut in Round 23.

"Everyone at the club wishes Sean all the best in the next exciting phase of his career."

Port Adelaide was the club of origin for the first ever VFL/AFL draft pick, Martin Leslie, in 1986. will have comprehensive coverage of the pre-season and rookie drafts next Wednesday.


1986 National Draft
1. Martin Leslie (Fitzroy)
32. Wayne Mahoney (Footscray)
40. Stephen Williams (Brisbane)
Pre-Draft selection. Ben Harris (Brisbane)

1987 National Draft
37. Andrew Obst (Melboure)
59. Simon Tregenza (Footscray)

1988 National Draft
24. David Hynes (West Coast)
107. Darren Mead (Essendon)

1989 National Draft
11. Darren Smith (Essendon)
12. Gavin Wanganeen (Essendon)
23. Roger Delaney (Fitzroy)
36. Rohan J. Smith (Sydney)
79. David J. Brown yngr (Brisbane)

1992 National Draft
10. Brett Chalmers (Collingwood)
21. Shane R. Bond (West Coast)
31. Shane Wakelin (St Kilda)
42. Che Cockatoo-Collins (Essendon)
88. Troy Bond (Carlton)
101. Troy Hull (Sydney)
105. Julian Waite (Collingwood)
108. Bryan Beinke (Geelong)
111. Michael Gaffney (Sydney)
120. Troy Olsen (Collingwood)
124. Brayden Lyle (West Coast)

1993 National Draft
11. Darryl Wakelin (Adelaide)
29. Damian Sheehan (Carlton)
36. Darren Mead (Brisbane)*
50. Julian Waite (Brisbane)*
55. Simon Pedler (Adelaide)
71. Julian Burton (Brisbane)

1993 Mid-Season Draft
18. Damien Ryan (Brisbane)

1993 National Draft
10. Trent Ormond-Allen (Melbourne)
44. Eugene Warrior (Adelaide)

1994 National Draft
39. Stephen Carter (Essendon)
50. Brett Higgins (Adelaide)

1995 Pre-Season Draft
4. James Ramsey (Fitzroy)
Compensation Selection. David Cockatoo-Collins (Melbourne)

1995 National Draft
1. Clive Waterhouse (Fremantle)
45. Scott Hodges (Adelaide)

1996 Pre-season Draft
22. Anthony Darcy (St Kilda)

1996 National Draft

64. Darren Collings yngr (Hawthorn)
67. Byron Pickett (North Melbourne)
Zone. Peter Burgoyne (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Fabian Francis (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Darren Mead (Port Adelaide AFL)*
Zone. Warren Tredrea (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Michael Wilson (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Paul Evans (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Tom K. Carr (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Stephen Carter (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Nigel Fiegert (Port Adelaide AFL)
Zone. Darryl Poole (Port Adelaide AFL)

1997 Rookie Draft
1. Jason Dylan (Port Adelaide AFL)
30. Bryan Beinke (North Melbourne)*

1998 Rookie Draft
22. Damian Lang (Carlton)
25. Antony Sheehan (Port Adelaide AFL)
38. Scott Freeborn (Carlton)

1998 National Draft
28FS. Heath James (Sydney)
34. Bryan Beinke (Adelaide)*
72. Luke Taylor (Melbourne)

1999 Pre-Season Draft
5. Jared Poulton (Port Adelaide AFL)

1999 Rookie Draft
12. Troy Broadbridge (Melbourne)

1999 National Draft
3. Aaron Fiora (Richmond)
23. Daniel Foster (Geelong)
27. Cain Ackland (Port Adelaide AFL)
45. Marcus Pickett (Essendon)
47. Corey Enright (Geelong)
51. Ricky O'Loughlin (Adelaide)
57. Steven Brosnan (Port Adelaide AFL)

2000 Rookie Draft
10. Damien Burton (Port Adelaide AFL)
55. Scott Hahn (Port Adelaide AFL)

2000 National Draft
3. Alan Didak (Collingwood)
12. Shaun Burgoyne (Port Adelaide AFL)
16. Scott Thompson (Melbourne)
67. Graham Johncock (Adelaide)

2002 National Draft
42FS. Brett Ebert (Port Adelaide AFL)
70. Matthew Lokan (Collingwood)

2003 Rookie Draft

60. Steven Eichner (Collingwood)

2003 National Draft
25. Harry Miller (Hawthorn)

2005 National Draft
69. Tim Hutchison (North Melbourne)

2006 National Draft
53. Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
62. Issac Weetra (Melbourne)

2007 National Draft
13. Brad Ebert (West Coast)
32. Levi Greenwood (North Melbourne)

2008 Rookie Draft

27. Tim B. Walsh (Hawthorn)

2010 Rookie Draft
61. Jesse Stringer (Geelong)

2010 National Draft
29. Scott Lycett (West Coast)

2011 Rookie Draft
15. Tim Milera (Adelaide)
38. Ben Haren (Sydney)
52. Derick Wanganeen (Hawthorn)

2012 National Draft
20. Tim Broomhead (Collingwood)

2013 Rookie Draft

20. Justin Hoskin (Port Adelaide AFL)

2013 National Draft
27. Sean Lemmens (Gold Coast)

*subsequent re-drafting
FS Father Son Selection
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