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Statement: State Guernsey

The Port Adelaide Football Club is surprised and disappointed that the Adelaide Crows would choose to wear a replica guernsey based on the traditional South Australian state guernsey in the first Showdown at the Adelaide Oval.

Port Adelaide considers this an iconic jumper and respects the feats of the many South Australian greats who have worn this guernsey with such pride over so many years.

Port Adelaide believes this is not about club versus club, Port Adelaide versus the Crows. The State guernsey rises well above both our football clubs. It is a guernsey that is sacred and most significantly has always been earned by only the best representative players in our proud football state.

Our club’s current and former South Australian born players are disappointed by the Crows’ decision. This guernsey is intrinsic and sacrosanct to South Australian footballers and it should be protected at all times.

The Crows have stated they are wearing the guernsey “to celebrate South Australian football”. Port Adelaide finds this reasoning peculiar given that wearing it in a Showdown will actually divide the state. This guernsey is a symbol of South Australian football unification, not division.