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Last of 2018 numbers revealed

THE last of Port Adelaide’s playing group have been assigned their playing numbers for the 2018 season.

The five new draftees from last Friday’s National Draft, and Lindsay Thomas who was selected in Monday afternoon’s Rookie Draft were handed their numbers this week.

Kane Farrell will wear #24 in season 2018, after the number was left vacant by the departing Jarman Impey.

Sam Hayes has been assigned #25 in the absence of Logan Austin, while Joel Garner will take over Brett Eddy’s #27.

Jake Patmore will wear Jesse Palmer’s #37, Dom Barry has received Brendon Ah Chee’s #41, and Lindsay Thomas will wear #48 – previously worn by Nathan Krakouer.


#24 Kane Farrell

Previously worn by – Jarman Impey

100 game players – Bruce Nyland, Mark Tylor, Bryan Beinke

Premiership players – John W. Robertson, Frederick G.L. Galliford, James W. Doyle, Lew Roberts, Ivor Dangerfield, Kevin Salvemini, Allen Greer, Tony Hannan, Anthony Martyn, Mark Tylor, Bryan Beinke

#25 Sam Hayes

Previously worn by – Logan Austin

100 game players – Geoff Phelps, Danny Hughes, Domenic Cassisi

Premiership players – Alan J. Maynard, Norman Wilkins, Thomas Kellaway, Maxwell G. Carmichael, Laurence Stevens, Peter Obst, Wallace Dittmar, Kevin Salmon, Peter Mead, Russell Johnston, Geoff Phelps, Danny Hughes, Troy Olsen, Paul Evans, Domenic Cassisi

#27 Joel Garner

Previously worn by – Brett Eddy

100 game players – Colin Parham, Bob Marrett, Kevin Salmon, Max James, David Hutton, Alipate Carlile, James Meiklejohn

Premiership players – R. Main, Colin Parham, Brian Coldwell, Arthur Robert 'Bob' Marrett, Kevin Salmon, Max James, Danny Hughes, David Hutton, Anthony Bamford

#37 Jake Patmore

Previously worn by – Jesse Palmer

#41 Dom Barry

Previously worn by – Brendon Ah Chee

Premiership players – Clive Waterhouse

#48 Lindsay Thomas

Previously worn by – Nathan Krakouer

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