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Voss: It's been our biggest week

Noosa camp wrap up - PTV The boys are finished up in Noosa.

SENIOR ASSISTANT coach Michael Voss has described Port Adelaide’s pre-season camp as their “biggest week so far” as a group.

This week the Power embarked on their first pre-season camp since Dubai in 2014, taking the entire playing and coaching group to Noosa in the Sunshine Coast for six days.

Speaking with media at the conclusion of the camp on Tuesday, Voss said he felt there’d been a real shift in the group over the course of the past week.

“It’s been our biggest week so far – by far,” Voss said.

“The high-performance team were quite clear that it was going to be quite a demanding camp, whether that’s training two or three times a day; that workload was always going to be high.

“I think what we were looking for was a collective movement…we feel like we got that collective movement and in a few different areas.”

Away from any distractions at home in Adelaide, players were able to channel all their energy and focus into getting on the same page in preparation for season 2019.

While gruelling training, running, swimming and gym sessions formed main elements of the camp, the group also came together each day for evening activities designed to foster connection.

Voss pointed to a real sense of camaraderie and mateship among the whole group as a result.

“You get the intangibles – which is them being able to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company and have fun along the way,” he said.

“That’s probably what the difference is with camps, as opposed to being back in our own environment, is that there’s no distractions – we’re here for one purpose, and that is to be together.”

And the connection was obvious where, as the final horn sounded at the last training session of the camp, every player, coach and staff member lined up for a moment of togetherness to reflect on the week.

It was a special moment for all involved, and Voss is confident energy will carry over into the new year when the group recommences its pre-season campaign.

“The energy was exceptional…I just thought it was a really great finish to our pre-Christmas campaign,” he said.

“When we come back, we’ve got some real clear goals we want to achieve and we can certainly feel that momentum building.”

The playing group will take a three-week Christmas break, returning to Alberton on January 10.

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