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The best bits: Riley Bonner press conference

Riley Bonner press conference - 11 January 2019 - PTV Riley speaks to the media.

PORT ADELAIDE defender Riley Bonner spoke at a press conference on Friday afternoon after the Power players returned to their pre-season training after a three-week festive break. 

He discussed how he had ramped up his own fitness regime in case he is asked to play on the wing in 2019 and he talked about being excited to have Hamish Hartlett returning to full fitness to join the backline. 

The 21-year-old explained the benefits of having new faces including 2018 premiership player Scott Lycett and former Hawthorn defender Ryan Burton joining the group, and his own ambitions for 2019. 

Here are the best bits: 

Riley Bonner on whether he will play on the wing or off half-back in 2019:

"I'm pretty happy to play wherever Ken (Hinkley) and the coaching staff want me to play. With Ryan (Burton) coming into the team, he's another half-back, so just push my case to play either half-back or wing, wherever that may be, I'm happy to go anywhere. I've played a lot of my junior footy either on the wing or half-back, so wherever the team needs me to play, I'm happy to play there." 

Riley Bonner on the group’s return after a three-week festive break:

“We gained a lot of trust coming back in condition, showing the coaches that we can go away for a certain amount of time and come back in really good nick. Having the trust of the players and coaches to do the right thing, on and off the field – obviously last year we had a few hiccups – but our trust bank is really high at the moment and we’re training really well so we’re hoping to keep that trust coming into Round 1.” 

Riley Bonner on the club gaining the experience of Scott Lycett and Ryan Burton:

“Scott’s come from a premiership winning team. He brings a lot of premiership experience and how to play in the later half of the year. Ryan as well came from a pretty well-respected team in Hawthorn, brings a lot of experience as well, despite being such a young player.” 

Riley Bonner on Hamish Hartlett’s slow return to full fitness:

“I think he’s going well. He brings a lot of leadership, especially down back he uses his voice really well and helps us younger guys out which is much appreciated.” 

Riley Bonner on being out of contract at the end of 2019 and setting goals for himself for the season ahead with Coach Ken Hinkley:

“I’m just trying to get a good pre-season in and then hopefully let my footy do the talking. Everyone has their own personal conversations with Ken. I get along with him really well and we’ll come to that when it needs to come.”