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Port's kick-in kings

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2018 LEADERS: Dan Houston (77 kick-ins - 37.4% of team), Riley Bonner (66 kick-ins - 32% of team)

The Power didn't have a designated player for their kick-ins. Defenders Dan Houston (77 in 22 games, 3.5 per game) and Riley Bonner (66 in 19 games, 3.47 per game) shared the duties. Houston ranked 16th overall while Bonner was 22nd. The Power were a middle of the road team when it came to playing-on from kick-ins, taking that option 25.4 per cent of the time. Houston did that more than most of his teammates, playing on with 32 per cent of his kick-ins.


This could change substantially this season due to two factors – the return of Hamish Hartlett from a knee injury and the arrival of former Hawthorn defender Ryan Burton. Hartlett is one of the best ball users at the Power and has a booming kick. Burton took the most kick-ins at the Hawks last year – with 67 in 21 games – but only played on to himself 4 per cent of the time. Bonner might take fewer kick-ins if he moves to a wing to accommodate Burton and Hartlett.