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The best bits: Scott Lycett

Lycett on SEN - PTV Scott Lycett speaks with Kane Cornes on SEN.

NEW Port Adelaide ruckman Scott Lycett was interviewed on Adelaide radio program SEN SA Breakfast on Tuesday morning following his move to Alberton from West Coast.

The Eagles premiership ruckman was asked about how he sees his combination with Paddy Ryder working, about how Jack Watts has responded to a disappointing video on social media and about how hard the players are working at training.

He discussed the new AFLX format and a suggestion that it be rethought to include state of origin teams.

Here are the best bits:

Scott Lycett on working with Paddy Ryder:

“I can see it being pretty similar to what I’ve done in the past with Nick Nait(anui) and was actually having this conversation with Paddy the other day about playing with him and hopefully prolonging his career. I’ve been really lucky to work with some amazing ruckmen in Dean Cox, Nic Naitanui and now Paddy so it’s only made me a better player and hopefully (given) Nic Nat and I worked pretty well in the past so I’m sure there’s no reason why myself and Paddy can’t do the same.”

Scott Lycett on AFLX:

“I’m excited by it, I’m sure a lot of the players are. It’s not really a big man’s game, I’m sure I won’t be playing it, which suits me fine because you get pretty buggered playing it, trust me. It’s especially one for the midfielders and the smaller blokes but it’s a new part of the sport and I can see it having a real impact in the future. It’s only new and there’s always going to be little things to tinker with so I’m sure it’s only going to get better.

Scott Lycett on whether AFLX should be changed along State of Origin lines:

“Any time you get the opportunity to put your state guernsey on, you don’t say no, so that would excite me but in saying that, the format with what they have done this year looks pretty good too. They’ve brought in some good players and I’ll be tuning in that’s for sure.”

Scott Lycett on what is going on at Power training at the moment:

“Not quite at games. At the moment we’re just honing our skills in and doing some running after training, which is always pretty tough but hopefully the games are just around the corner so I’m sure the programs will change and it’ll be easier for the players to not get thrashed as much.”

Scott Lycett on Jack Watts’ response to the video of him at Oktoberfest in Munich circulating on social media:

“Jack was very disappointed. I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming over from Wattsy, not knowing him but he’s really out there, really talkative kind of guy who likes getting the boys up and about but you could just tell that yesterday he was really disappointed. The players are a bit disappointed in him as well but we’ve got his back and hopefully we can put our arms around him and he can put this behind him and he has a good year.”

Scott Lycett on what has impressed him at Port Adelaide:

“I’ve actually been really surprised at all areas of the field at Port Adelaide. I think we’ve got a really strong backline with Tommy Jonas and (Tom) Clurey and Dougal Howard and Darcy Byrne-Jones and just even with Ryan Burton coming in as well – he’s been really impressive. In the forward line, I’m really excited to play with Charlie (Dixon) and Robbie Gray, who is one of the legends of Port Adelaide so I’m looking forward to putting on the guernsey with him. And obviously as most people would know the game is often won in the midfield so I can see us getting Ollie back and getting that shoulder right and hopefully having a big year in the engine room because hopefully I can add to that and keep Paddy fresh. If he’s fresh and playing his best footy every week, there’s no reason what we can’t be winning games so I’m really excited about the season.”

Scott Lycett on the club tinkering with its game plan during the off-season:

“We’ve been trying a lot of things at training so I expect in the coming weeks to trial them in the games. Obviously, it’s a bit hard when you’re training all these things and your teammates know what you’re doing so it doesn’t really come off. So, I’m looking forward to playing against some opposition that don’t know what we’re doing.”