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The best bits: Ollie Wines

Ollie Wines press conference: 6 February 2019 - PTV Wines on his shoulder injury, captaincy and the rookies

PORT ADELAIDE midfielder Ollie Wines held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss his recovery from shoulder surgery.

Wines underwent an arthroscopy after dislocating his shoulder while water-skiing on Australia Day.

The 24-year old discussed how long he’ll be sidelined, whether the injury has made him reconsider his passtimes and who might step into his role while he is absent from the team.

In a wide-ranging and lengthy interview, he also talked about his ambition to become club captain, and whether he expected his injury to have a bearing on whether he would be chosen to replace Travis Boak in the role.

Here are the best bits:

Ollie Wines on his recovery:

“Obviously, you can aim for a really aggressive recovery and perhaps be back a little earlier or you can be conservative. At this stage we’re aiming to be back some time in the first month of the season as soon as possible. Generally, the surgeon puts a 10-12 week recovery so I guess either side of that, hopefully earlier rather than later but it is a long season so if I am to miss a couple of games to make sure that I can play the whole season and hopefully finals, then we’ll do that. At this stage I’m in a sling for a few weeks to make sure it heals as best as it can. The positive thing is that I haven’t missed a session in pre-season. I’ve got a really good base under me, so fitness wise it won’t really be a problem – it’ll just be getting contact work in and giving it enough time before I have to do that contact work.”

Ollie Wines on his injury:

“I have thought about it a lot over the last two weeks. Water skiing is something that I have been brought up doing. I first skied when I was about three or four so it’s something that I understand there is some risk involved. I do my best to decrease the risk as much as I can. I’m very conservative out there and don’t push myself. I understand I’m a full-time athlete. This is my job and any injury that I sustain outside football jeopardises my career. This is one thing that was a freak accident. The rope pulled my arm and unfortunately pulled my shoulder out. I do my best to minimise risk while I’m doing it, and this was just a freak accident.”

Ollie Wines on whether he will give up water skiing:

“In the context of things, I’ve probably got to look at the times I’m doing these things. Perhaps this close to the start of the season, only eight weeks out, is unnecessary time to be doing it, so I’ve probably got to be looking at that. It’s something I love doing so it’s something I’ll continue to do. Obviously, I’ve got to take more measures to decrease the risk even more, whether that’s not wakeboarding and just skiing, and just keeping it to a couple of times a year. This is something the club has supported me through for the six years I’ve been at this club. They understand that this is a passion of mine and despite there being a little bit of risk, they know I do my best to decrease the risk.”

Ollie Wines on whether he expects his injury to have any bearing on whether he’ll be selected as the Power’s new captain:

“I wouldn’t have thought it would have any influence on being captain or not. I look on the captain that I’ve had for six years in Travis Boak and he’s the most happy and caring guy and he lives his life off the field and he really enjoys himself. He does a lot of surfing and activities like that so I don’t think that has any reflection on captaincy at all.”

Ollie Wines on the players getting together on the river:

“These are things that bring us together. We go up the river all the time and have a weekend away. These are things that despite the risks involved have numerous benefits for us all.”

Ollie Wines on the potential for joint club captains:

“I don’t have an opinion on it too much. Obviously, there’s a fair few clubs doing it at the moment. It’s a bit about what’s best for the club at the time so I guess when we come to that bridge, we’ll decide but at this stage we’re still seeing the candidates putting their hands up.”

Ollie Wines on who could step into his role while he is injured:

“Powell-Pepper is training really well, I’ve seen a lot of composure with ball use with him and his fitness has come along. Sam Gray, who has had a couple of stints back in 2017 and 2018 in the midfield is an incredible ball winner and he can come in there and probably the other one who talks himself up is Hamish Hartlett. Hammer is back on the track flying around and he still bangs on to me about how he got left out of the mids about four years ago so I think he’s pretty keen to get back in there, so perhaps he can. Also, Joe Atley and his housemate Willem Drew. I swear Willem keeps growing. He’s about 192 centimetres now, he’s got a really good frame and he’s so intelligent so I think his footy smarts can be really beneficial.”

Ollie Wines on having Hamish Hartlett back in full training:

“He’s a really spiritual leader for us. He carries the boys along and it’s given us a real boost to go into February seeing him come out here and train. Look I think he’s nearly back to doing everything that the main group is doing so he’s had a really good recovery.”

Ollie Wines on whether he wants to captain Port Adelaide:

“It would be a great honour to captain this club and I’d love to do it, but at this stage I’m one of many candidates. Do I think I’m ready? I do think I’m ready to captain this club but I’m not the one that has that say. We as a playing group, as a coaching group, as a club get to decide that and that will take its place in due course.”

Ollie Wines on which of Port Adelaide’s draftees might be selected for the AFL side in Round 1:

“Probably Rozee, Duursma and Butters at this stage. The other guys aren’t far behind but I’ve been incredibly impressed by what they’ve done. They don’t look out of water at all out there. They’re slight bodies but they’re so quick and agile that the big guys can’t get near them so they’ll be a very big chance for Round 1 I’d imagine.”