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Wines: I've been brought up skiing

Ollie Wines press conference: 6 February 2019 - PTV Wines on his shoulder injury, captaincy and the rookies

OLLIE WINES won’t give up water skiing despite the shoulder injury he suffered last month, but the Port Adelaide midfielder will reconsider hitting the water this close to the season in future.

Wines dislocated his right shoulder on Australia Day and underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair the joint.

The injury is likely to sideline him until the early rounds of the season, but the 24-year-old isn’t putting a definitive timeline on his return.

“Obviously, you can aim for a really aggressive recovery and perhaps be back a little earlier or you can be conservative,” he said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“At this stage we’re aiming to be back some time in the first month of the season, as soon as possible.

“Generally, the surgeon puts a 10 to 12-week recovery so I guess either side of that, hopefully earlier rather than later but it is a long season so if I am to miss a couple of games to make sure that I can play the whole season and hopefully finals, then we’ll do that.”

Wines will wear his arm in a sling for the next few weeks to allow the shoulder to heal.

The strongly-built midfielder hasn’t missed a session during pre-season and has a good fitness base so his recovery is dependant on when he is ready to return to contact work.

Wines has been water skiing since he was a child, and said in 20 years he had never injured himself.

“Water skiing is something that I have been brought up doing,” he said.

“I first skied when I was about three or four so it’s something that I understand there is some risk involved.

“I do my best to decrease the risk as much as I can. I’m very conservative out there and don’t push myself.

Wines explained that the injury was caused when the rope pulled his arm and his shoulder out of place.

And while he admitted there is a chance he will have to undergo a full shoulder reconstruction at the end of 2019, he said it was just a freak accident.

“I understand I’m a full-time athlete - this is my job and any injury that I sustain outside football jeopardises my career,” he said.

 “I do my best to minimise risk while I’m doing it, and this was just a freak accident.

“This is something that makes me incredibly happy, it’s my outlet outside football.”

And he revealed he would reconsider when he chooses to take part in water sports from now on.

“Perhaps this close to the start of the season, only eight weeks out, is unnecessary time to be doing it, so I’ve probably got to be looking at that,” Wines said.

“It’s something I love doing so it’s something I’ll continue to do.

“Obviously, I’ve got to take more measures to decrease the risk even more, whether that’s not wakeboarding and just skiing, and just keeping it to a couple of times a year.

“This is something the club has supported me through for the six years I’ve been at this club.

“They understand that this is a passion of mine and despite there being a little bit of risk, they know I do my best to decrease the risk.”

Wines is among a list of candidates to take over the captaincy at the Power after Travis Boak stepped down from the role late last year.

Many have suggested his injury may impact on whether he is chosen for the role but it isn’t a theory Wines subscribes to.

“I wouldn’t have thought it would have any influence on being captain or not,” he said.

“I look on the captain that I’ve had for six years in Travis Boak and he’s the most happy and caring guy and he lives his life off the field and he really enjoys himself.

“He does a lot of surfing and activities like that so I don’t think that has any reflection on captaincy at all.”

Wines is renowned for his leadership within the club, even at his young age.

He said he was ready to take on the captaincy if selected, but there were plenty of other great candidates.

“It would be a great honour to captain this club and I’d love to do it, but at this stage I’m one of many candidates,” he said.

“Do I think I’m ready? I do think I’m ready to captain this club but I’m not the one that has that say.

“We as a playing group, as a coaching group, as a club get to decide that and that will take its place in due course.”