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Shanghai fun facts: Karl Amon

The Shanghai experience - PTV Shanghai 2019

WITH Port Adelaide’s game against St Kilda in Shanghai fast approaching some of our players have shared their favourite experiences and travel tips to help make your trip that much better. 

Tickets for the Round 11 game on Saturday 2 June are now on sale, with prices starting at just $20AUD. 

The club, through its official travel partners - RAA, Phil Hoffmann Travel and Tee Lee Travel - have some fantastic packages available for anyone traveling to Shanghai in 2019. 

Today, midfielder Karl Amon shares some inside knowledge about his experiences in Shanghai. 

What is your favourite memory from your time in Shanghai? I really enjoyed seeing the sights of Shanghai, from the bund to the streets of Shanghai and the art galleries. It is a huge place and there is just so much to take in.  

Favourite place to get a coffee in Shanghai? Undefine at M50. It is a modern art café where you get to take in some incredible modern art photography, in the heart of Shanghai’s creative district. 

Something you’d recommend to other people visiting Shanghai/China: The M50 art district. I love art, and photography in particular. I went there with Tom Jonas and Charlie Dixon last year and really enjoyed it, and went the year before with Tom as well. I do some photography in my spare time so to see some of the works on display at M50 was brilliant. 

What is your go-to Chinese dish? I’m a beef and black bean or some kind of pork kind of guy.