The main part of my design is the idea of interculturalism in Australia. It represents that while Australia is a multicultural society, we need to work towards an intercultural society that moves past just tolerance and acceptance, but rather understanding, inclusion, engagement and respect. This interculturalism needs to start from the foundations of Australia with the Indigenous people all the way to Australia’s newest refugees.

The lion has found mentions in various cultures and countries such as: Egypt, as a sphinx; is depicted in Indian mythology; in China, it is a protector against evil and represents supremacy of power; in Iran, it is a symbol of courage and monarchy; in middle eastern culture the lion is regarded as a symbol of courage, bravery, royalty and chivalry.

In Christianity the lion can symbolize Jesus. This is due in part to the lion’s reputation as the “king”, as well as an ancient belief that lion cubs were born dead and after three days were brought to life by their father’s roar.

In Hindu and Buddhist beliefs the lion is represented as a protector and is considered sacred.

All these show that although people may not speak the same languages, have the same traditions or beliefs and may not follow the same religion, there is a universal understanding of what a lion represents.

The lion’s mane which is filled with different flags represents harmony which shows us that harmony itself leads our society and future. The mane of the lion is thick and concentrated in fur, just like the unity of the countries. The flags put together make up one lion which reflects that interculturalism and the mixing of our cultures, brings us together as one body. The lion acknowledges the differences and similarities between different cultures and unites them through his mane. The red, yellow and black in the background represents and pays respect to the traditional custodians of the land we live on, the Kaurna people. The red and yellow stripes through the middle represents the indigenous blood that runs through our DNA and makes us Australian. The crown sitting on the lion’s head emphasises that he leads with harmony and the roman numerals on the crown represent the date of harmony day this year.

Sumayyah Momin – Pinnacle College