THE SANFL Statewide Super League Competition has announced four rule changes to be implemented from the 2020 season.

SANFL teams will now consist off 22 players - up from 21 previously - with the number of interchange rotations also increasing to 75.

SANFL Football Operations Manager Tom Hurley says increased game day squad will reduce the impact of injuries, and better aligns with other state competitions and the AFL.

“Not only does this amendment create alignment with all other state league competitions plus the AFL and provide an additional opportunity for a player at League and Reserves level each week, it minimises the influence of injury or injuries, particularly those incurred earlier in the match,'' Hurley said.

The SANFL has also introduced the no third man up ruck rule - already enforced by the AFL - and a warning for breaching the 6-6-6 starting formation before a free kick is paid.