Darcy Byrne-Jones on his development:

“That experience is important - it’s my fourth year playing in the AFL team.

“I’ve developed over that time. Developed confidence in myself and in my ability, and that’s just starting to really show now.

“It’s really pleasing to be able to contribute, and hopefully in a finals campaign coming up.

“The more you play, the more comfortable you get.

“It sort of feels like you have a bit more time out there, time to use the footy well. When I did get drafted, my skills probably weren’t up to scratch.

“I’ve spent a lot of time working on my kicking and hanballing, and even stepping around opponents to give yourself time to dispose of the footy.

Byrne-Jones on his resilience and goals as a kid:

“The way you’re brought up contributes to that a lot.

“My parents have been really supportive of me and the move across from Melbourne. From a young age I always wanted to play AFL footy - it was a dream of mine.

“When I came to the club, I was really determined to achieve that goal, and then continue on to play some really strong AFL footy. And one day hopefully win a premiership.

Byrne-Jones on the youth at Alberton:

“It’s really exciting for the club.

“A lot of young guys coming through - I’m sure the fans who come each and every week love watching them play and develop.

Byrne-Jones on Connor Rozee’s first season:

“You could tell immediately that he was going to be a seriously good AFL footballer.

“But I probably didn’t expect him to be playing this well and this consistently in his first year. He’s only going to get better. He’s got a really humble head on his shoulders.

“He’s got a really bright future, along with the other younger guys we’ve got coming through.

Byrne-Jones on this weekend’s clash with North Melbourne:

“I’ll be doing everything I can.

“It’s a really big game for us this week. Obviously, there are finals implications. As a group and as a club, we are really desperate to play finals.

Byrne-Jones on the importance of Tom Jonas and Tom Clurey:

“Their role as the two bigger guys is to get the big forward beaten, but they are the guys that set us up.

“They are the eyes of the team. They can see everything unfolding in front of them, so we put a big onus on them to point and direct, and speak to the guys in front of them.

“They are really important to our team defence, as well as defending themselves.

Byrne-Jones on his role and whether he wants to join the midfield group:

“I’m really comfortable playing in defence at the minute.

“I’m really enjoying the backline group that we’ve got down there, and our coach Brett Montgomery has been really good for us this year.

“Into the future you never know, I won’t rule anything out. Wait and see on that front.

Byrne-Jones on Peter Ladhams’ form this season:

“He’s another really exciting one for us.

“The strides he’s taken this year have been incredible. From where he’s come from this time last year to where he is now, is incredible. He’s a completely different player.

“He’s always trained well, but just wasn’t able to put the performances together that he would like in his first two years.

“This year, he has come out and played some incredible footy, and it is really exciting for the club and him personally as well.