WHO is Port Adelaide’s fastest player? Connor Rozee, Zak Butters or Ryan Burton might spring to mind.

But you may not have considered the pace of Trent McKenzie or Tom Jonas.

Better known for his booming left foot kick, McKenzie has surprised many by clocking the second fastest speed of any player in the AFL this season.

His 36.4km/h top speed came in the Round 1 win over Gold Coast, in the records kept by the AFL’s Telstra Tracker.

It puts him second in the competition behind St Kilda’s Brad Hill, who clocked an incredible 36.6km/h against Richmond in Round 4.

For the record, the other players in Port’s top five fastest in 2020 include Zak Butters, Ryan Burton, Tom Jonas and Kane Farrell.

Port Adelaide fastest speeds clocked in a game in 2020

Trent McKenzie, 36.4km/h v Gold Coast, round 1
Zak Butters, 33.9km/h v Gold Coast, round 1
Ryan Burton, 33.3km/h v Gold Coast, round 1
Tom Jonas, 33.0km/h v Geelong, round 12
Kane Farrell, 33.0km/h v GWS, round 6

When it comes to who covers the most ground, you automatically think of wingmen like Karl Amon and Xavier Duursma.

Given Amon’s stranglehold on the club’s pre-season time trials over recent years, he would be a good bet for the player who has covered the most distance in a game in 2020.

Amon leads the average distance covered per game this season for the club with 11.8 kilometres per game – not bad considering the reduced game time.

To put it into perspective, Duursma averaged 14.9 kilometres per match in 2019 and was the club’s best.

Port Adelaide top-five most distance covered per game in 2020

Karl Amon, 11.8km
Xavier Duursma, 11.7km
Darcy Byrne-Jones, 11.6km
Dan Houston, 11.6km
Brad Ebert, 11.4km

Brad Ebert actually covered the most distance in an individual game when he clocked 13 kilometres against Adelaide in Round 2.

Duursma holds the three next best records with Darcy Byrne-Jones bringing in the top five with a 12.5-kilometre effort in Round 1 against the Gold Coast.

Sydney’s Ryan Clarke clocked an extraordinary 15 kilometres against Gold Coast in Round 7 - the most of any player in 2020.

The most distance ever covered, since records went public from 2017 was Tom Scully’s 18.9 kilometres when he was at GWS.

Port Adelaide top-five most distance covered in a single game in 2020

Brad Ebert, 13km v Adelaide, round 2
Xavier Duursma, 12.9km v Gold Coast, round 1
Xavier Duursma, 12.9km v Geelong, round 12
Xavier Duursma, 12.6km v St Kilda, round 8
Darcy Byrne-Jones, 12.5km v Gold Coast, round 1