PORT ADELAIDE will always hold a special place in Steven Summerton’s heart, and it’s clear the club also remains front of mind for the former club captain who has named his first child after his beloved Magpies.

Summerton played 227 SANFL games for Port Adelaide between 2006 and 2018, ending his career as a three-time A.R. McLean Medallist as Best and Fairest.

The 32-year-old represented his beloved Maggies with pride, becoming captain in 2014 and wearing the number one with distinction for five years before his retirement at the end of 2018.

Summerton played 227 SANFL games for Port Adelaide and captained the Magpies for five years.

A frequent feature in the state team during his career, Summerton has endless achievements worth celebrating but what he is most proud of at the moment is the arrival of his daughter Maggie Mae Summerton last weekend.

Weighing in at 3.4kgs, little Maggie Mae arrived at 5:59am on Saturday 21 November and Summerton and his wife Carly could not be more thrilled.

“100% this is my number one achievement. It’s an amazing experience and you never really understand it til you go through the process,” Summerton told portadelaidefc.com.au.

“It’s definitely the best day of my life and my wife’s life.”

The name Maggie actually wasn’t his idea, but once he realised the link to his beloved Port Adelaide Football Club, Summerton was sold.

“My wife actually came up with the name about four or five years ago when I was still playing at Port Adelaide,” he explained.

“We were talking about starting a family and thinking of a few names. She came up with Maggie and straight away my ears pricked up because I could make the correlation with half of my life playing with the Port Maggies.

“Straight away I fell in love with the name and we happened to have a girl so there were no second thoughts.”

Maggie Mae Summerton arrived on Saturday 21 November.

Summerton grew up with three older brothers and spent much of his life around a very male dominated environment at the football club.

But he admits suddenly being outnumbered by females in his house has been a pleasant change.

“It’s definitely a bit of a changeup from growing up with mum, dad and three older brothers,” he laughed.

“There was a lot of testosterone flying around and brawls in the backyard but it’s a nice changeup.

“It’s definitely bringing out the softer side in me and it’s a different type of love when you first lay eyes on her. She’s amazing.”

And Summerton is now dreaming of watching Maggie Mae representing the club he still adores, although he knows he will have a few years to wait.

“I’m definitely banking on the club having a women’s team by then,” he said.

“If she can play for Port Adelaide it would be amazing so I’ll be gently pushing her in that direction.”