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Quiz: Match the player with their dog

Can you match these Power blokes to their Power pooches

6:48pm Jun 2, 2016


Quiz: Who is your Power BFF?

Who you hanging with?

4:13pm May 11, 2016


Quiz: What is your footy star sign?

Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius, or defender, midfielder or forward? Find out where you sit on the footy zodiac.

4:22pm Jan 27, 2016


Quiz: How well do you know Boaky?

Are you a Boak genius, or is your knowledge of the Power skipper a 'Travisty'?

11:08am Dec 23, 2015


Quiz: How well do you know Robbie Gray?

Robbie Gray has signed a new deal - but how well do you know the double best and fairest?

3:44pm Dec 15, 2015


QUIZ: Who said it - Ken or Oprah?

He's Port Adelaide's top dog. She's a motivational matriarch. Can you pick their quotes?

5:51pm Dec 2, 2015


Emoji Quiz: Answers

How many did you get right?

8:35pm Nov 17, 2015


Can you guess these Port players based on Emojis?

Do you speak Emoji?

4:30pm Nov 17, 2015


QUIZ: What position would you play?

Forward, back, mid? Where do you belong on the footy field.

5:45pm Oct 26, 2015


QUIZ: Which player holiday should you be on?

In Bali with Ollie, fishing with Gus, Golfing with Whitey?

4:31pm Sep 28, 2015


Quiz: What job would you have at the club?

What would your job be at the Port Adelaide Football Club? Take our quiz to find out!

9:10pm Sep 2, 2015


Quiz: Which Power player are you?

Take our quiz to find out which Port Adelaide player you are most like.

2:34pm Jul 28, 2015