This lesson focusses on Physical Activity and how important it is to keep us fit and healthy. Anyone can do it with some fun activities each day like skipping, walking the dog, riding a bike, playing tennis or kicking a ball around. What do you like to do?

During the lesson we will find out what the minimum number of minutes is that we should be exercising, and the benefits of being active. We will find out what an average week of activity from the players looks like and will get you to record your activities for a week. Your activities maybe be a little different at the moment compared to last year. Hammer and Boaky will take you through a day in the life of a player which you can also compare to your daily routine.

In this week’s lesson we also challenge you to participate in the Premier’s Be Active Challenge, you can find the registration details in the booklet. You can also visit the website listed in the booklet for further activities.

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#CYPClassroom - Physical Activity with Ollie Wines | PTV

Ollie Wines teaches us about the importance of physical activity for living a health lifestyle.

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