This lesson focusses on STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM helps us to learn and develop skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration and team work. We know that in the future there will be many different and exciting job opportunities that link to STEM.

Did you know that the Port Adelaide Football Club use STEM every day? It’s used by our sports scientists, game analysists, statisticians, dieticians and many other roles.

Did you know that Brad Ebert has completed a Sports Science degree at University?

There are also many other exciting STEM careers in Australia, including very close to our home base Alberton Oval, where Naval Group Australia, one of our program partners are going to be based for many years. You will find out more about Naval Group in the next lesson of STEM activities.

During this week’s lesson you will do a range of fun football related maths work book activities, as well as participation in physical activity where you will need to test your heart rate. Similar to our players who also monitor their heart rates to ensure that they are working hard and improving their fitness.

When you complete your heart rate activities, film yourself and tag the Port Adelaide Football Club with the hashtag #CYPClassroom on Instagram or Twitter.

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#CYPClassroom - STEM with Brad Ebert | PTV

Brad Ebert teaches us why STEM is important at the Port Adelaide Football Club.

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