In this lesson you will find out more about our major partner Naval Group Australia.

Did you know, we have been working with Naval Group Australia since 2017 to inspire young people to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)

During this lesson you will visit Naval Group Australia’s website to find out more on who they are, what they are building and what career opportunities are available.

You will also complete a number of fun activities that challenge your problem-solving skills such as the Naval Group Maths Challenge.  You can also see if you can help captain Tom Jonas navigate safely to Port Adelaide.

The lesson also includes two fun experiments to try at home which explores how buoyancy works.

Do you think a lead pencil will sink or float? What about a can of Coke?

Have a go at the experiments to find out!

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#CYPClassroom - Naval Group STEM Activities with Ryan Burton | PTV

Ryan Burton takes us through some fun STEM Activities thanks to Naval Group.

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