During this week’s lesson we will get you to think about setting a goal, it could be related to school, health and fitness, arts and craft or something you want to do at home. We will look at a goal, like Mitch Georgiades has set for his first year in the AFL and get you to break it down into achievable steps.

Goal setting is really important for the players at the club, as it helps them create a plan on what they want to achieve. Some of these goals are short term and others are long term.

During the lesson you will get the opportunity to learn about and explore mindfulness. Do you know that mindfulness can help us stay focussed and on track? Many of Port Adelaide's players do mindfulness with our very own mindfulness coach. We will encourage you to do some mindfulness activities such as colouring in.

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#CYPClassroom - Goal Setting with Mitch Georgiades | PTV

Mitch Georgiades teaches us about the importance of goal setting and mindfulness.

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