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Dixon starts and finishes Friday's training session, participating in all drills and moving freely

Matthew Agius  January 15, 2016 12:41 PM

Charlie Dixon models his first Power jumper after being traded to Port Adelaide [pic: Port Adelaide]

Charlie Dixon is all smiles in this picture, and would be smiling after finishing Friday's training session after suffering a sore knee earlier in the day. [pic:]

CHARLIE DIXON fell over at training on Friday morning.

Despite obvious pain after suffering a knock to the knee, he got back up again.

It is also known that Dixon completed the entire training session. understands Dixon will be fine.

"I'll be fine," Dixon told

Here are some photos of Dixon running in Friday's training session.

Charlie Dixon leads Aaron Young in a running drill [pic: Kane Chenoweth/PAFC]

Charlie Dixon runs in the Power's main running drill at the end of its Friday session [pic: Kane Chenoweth/PAFC]

Port Adelaide will hold an open training session on January 22.


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