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We left it too late, says Chad Cornes

Ella Watson  July 16, 2017 11:14 AM

SANFL 2017 Round 05 - Port Adelaide v Sturt

Chad Cornes said Port's last quarter energy came too late to overcome Central [pic: AFL]


PORT ADELAIDE'S SANFL coach Chad Cornes was left wondering where his team’s energy went after its 16-point loss to Central District at My Money House Oval on Saturday.

The Magpies lacked energy and conviction for the first three quarters of the game, and as a result were hounded by the Bulldogs at every opportunity.

The final quarter saw the Magpies pick up the pace, with Krakouer converting, followed by goals from Eddy (two), Marshall and Neade.

But the surge was left too late.   

“We kicked five goals in ten minutes and five goals for the rest of the game,” Cornes said.

“It just came off the back of energy and a bit of belief and playing the way we spoke about.”

The Bulldogs showed plenty of energy they were out to prove their worth after a 42-point loss to Glenelg the weekend before.

“Centrals got smashed last week and we heard they got smashed on the track this week so we were aware they were going to come out the way they did,” Cornes said.

“They have some really good and tough players so we were expecting that.”

Two goals from Angus Monfries and Aaron Young helped close the gap to nine points at half time and a boost in forward 50 opportunities for the quarter showed some promise for Port.

That had Cornes optimistic at the main break.

“I was reasonably happy to be in the position we were in at half time, we weren’t playing great footy, but I was confident we could adjust and get our ball movement going,” Cornes said.

“Again, it came back to our full team defence we are just not valuing that enough and we need to get that right.

“If things don’t go well for us early, too often we go into our shells.

“We just need to maintain that belief and have that leadership voice encouraging to take the game on and go for those kicks because we know how good we are when we do.”

Jack Hombsch played well against the tough attacking Bulldogs, and Matthew Lobbe fought the game out well through the midfield also dropping back to help stem the flow of the Bulldogs forward entries.

“He [Hombsch] came out with a really good attitude and had a good crack so I was pleased with the way he handled the ball,” Cornes said.

“Hombsch, Toumpas and Lobbe fought the game out quite well, some positives in the last ten minutes, but why we had to wait till the last ten minutes to bring it I’m not sure.”     

Port Adelaide retains its place at second on the ladder by percentage, making next weekend’s game against Glenelg vital to maintaining a top-three position.

“We are really keen to cement a top three spot which we are making hard for ourselves at the moment,” Cornes said.

“We need to start valuing team defence and get out ball movement a lot more consistent today we lost be too many one on one battles and contests.”

Port Adelaide takes on Glenelg at Alberton Oval on Sunday 23 July at 2.10pm.

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