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Training doesn't stop for Power squad

DURING the festive break the players have been hard at work preparing for January’s pre-season recommencement.

After a four-day break from training duties over Christmas, the Power boys were back in the gym on Boxing Day in a bid to be in peak condition for the next phase of training.

Port Adelaide’s Head of High Performance Ian McKeown said the boys are expected to hit the gym or an oval for their running program while they were on holidays.

“They tend to meet in groups to make sure the standard and intensity of training is there,” McKeown told

“If they are travelling interstate to see family or friends, we still have the trust that they will prepare for the next phase of pre-season correctly.

“This playing group has proven they want to continually improve, and by observing this holiday program we believe they will come back in good shape.”

Ken Hinkley’s men are expected to train every second day throughout the break, and McKeown says it’s essential to Port’s pre-season campaign.

“They will do the quality of running and weights that they’ve been doing, just not the quantity.”

“We do this training over the break so that we can springboard in to January with the right intensity, rather than having to slowly build.”

The Power will officially resume its 2018 pre-season campaign on January 8, when the entire playing group will return to Alberton Oval for the next training phase.

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