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11:14pm  Jul 1, 2016

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11:07pm  Jul 1, 2016

Mitchell mobbed after goal - PTV

11:03pm  Jul 1, 2016

Wingard breaks free to goal - PTV

10:55pm  Jul 1, 2016

Stories of the Week: Quadzilla? More like Crampzilla

Matthew Agius  January 24, 2016 12:30 PM

PTV: Lobbe "I never wanted to leave" Lobbe speaks to the media following Friday's open training session.

PORTADELAIDEFC.COM.AU takes a look back on the week that was, and the stories that made it...

5. Charlie's knee still draws attention

Remember how the media went into frenzy last week when Charlie Dixon fell over? Turns out it was still simmering this week with plenty of interest from right around the country... Read more

4. Lobbe never wanted to leave Port...

Remember how everyone said Lobbe was going to leave the Power? Turns out the big ruck had no plans to book a ticket out of Adelaide...  Read more

3. Power applies for substitute players

With Essendon actively signing replacement players to field a team in 2016, the Power applied to the AFL to receive equal rights after it became apparent the Dons would start 2016 with one extra player than Port...  Read more

2. Re-living the off-season

While the players have been training the house down, fans were just as interested in how they spent the first weeks of January... Read more

1. Ollie's mid-meeting meltdown

No one likes a cramp - whether its in your arms, legs, across your tummy or anywhere else. Try everywhere - as Ollie Wines discovered in a meeting earlier in the week... Read more