Showdown week. Is there anything like it?!

Every conversation is tinged with passion, mischievous opinion and every now and again some genuine unique insight regarding the game.

The trick is to work out which is which!

Who’s in, who’s out, which team is traveling better, could Wingard possibly get up in time, will it rain like last year…you know the drill.

The build up is finals like…with some added spice.

It’s what makes this event one of the great rivalries on the Australian sporting calendar.

I believe this game is worthy of a record Port Adelaide crowd.

We’re underdogs.

Coming off a disappointing loss.


Just how we like it.


If you haven’t got your ticket yet, a Port Adelaide membership will get you in – grab a three game membership at… organise your friends, and get along to this one, it’s going to be another ripper.

If you can’t make it, hand your ticket to one of your mates…we need to pack the stadium out… loud and proud with every seat filled!


Emotions run high at Showdowns, everyone knows that.

But could I ask you to think about our member code as you head into the game.

I don’t know about you, but I get so disappointed when something unruly happens at one of our games. I know these incidents happen everywhere, but that doesn’t make it right. I don’t want our Club’s great name dragged through the mud, or our supporters’ reputation as some of the most passionate, knowledgable football followers in the country undermined by the behaviour of a silly few.

Our game is there to be enjoyed by all. Be loud and passionate absolutely, but don’t cross the line. Show respect for those around you and if things do happen nearby that are making you uncomfortable, call security early. Let them nip the issue in the bud.

Let’s just have a great day at the footy.


On a brighter note, we are proud to be supporting Variety this year in a joint partnership with the Adelaide Football Club.

Variety are the Children’s Charity of South Australia and do a power of work looking after our local kids in need.

We have entered into an initial three-year partnership and will be playing for the inaugural Variety Showdown Shield on Saturday.

The partnership with Variety also involves increased support for our Club’s Empowering Youth program which is designed to improve the health, wellbeing, education and future pathways for disadvantaged kids.

The work our team are doing in this space is incredible, so look out for the Variety team at the game, and support them as you always do.  


This feels like another important moment for our Club.

Let’s make it truly a day to remember.

I look forward to sharing it with you.


See you at the footy.



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