Hartlett on today’s main training session:

“It was the only half-decent hit-out we are going to be able to have between now and the game,”

“It was our main session and they usually can be pretty physical - a little bit more so this week. I know the forwards and backs were concentrating on defending the crumb.

“There may have been a little more in it, but that’s generally how main training sessions play out.

“I think our intent at training for the entire season has been pretty outstanding, so there is never any question in that area.

“All our guys come out with real purpose and a real intent to get better, individually and as a team.”


Hartlett on Ollie Wines:

“He hurt his thumb pretty early on in the game on the weekend and managed to play through it for three and a half quarters,”

“He will be doing everything he can to put his hand up. We want him out there but we will have to make that call later in the week.

“Ollie is a pretty tough guy. Clearly he showed on the weekend he was determined to play through whatever he can for our football team.

“He will do everything in his power to put his hand up, but we will have to wait and see over the next couple of days.


Hartlett on Brad Ebert and Ryan Burton:

“Ebo (Brad Ebert) and Ryan Burton is the other one who both sustained pretty significant injuries on the weekend,”

“They are going to miss a fair chunk of footy I’d say. They are important players for us who will be missing little periods of footy, which is not ideal.

“I don’t know where those conversations fit with the medical team, but I don’t believe they have been ruled out for the season.

“They will spend a little time in rehab and they will reassess in two or three weeks to see where they are at.


Hartlett on injuries:

“We don’t want to lay the blame on injuries,”

“Every club has injuries. Collingwood for a large portion of last year had some key players out and again this year, and they seem to get the job done most weeks.

“We can’t lay the blame on injury.”


Hartlett on possible selections for Richmond:

“Housto and Matty Broadbent will be in contention obviously,”

“Xavier Duursma on the weekend had a bit of a spell. His run and carry will be important for us, so he’s a chance to come back.

“Then it just depends on team balance. Mots played in the backline last weekend because of that late change, so I imagine he will go forward and we will just have to shuffle things around a bit.”