Port Adelaide has signed a partnership with Shanghai Cred in China. Want it boiled down? Here's the 411...

What has actually been agreed to?

Port Adelaide has signed a multi-million-dollar partnership with Shanghai Cred. The agreement will see Port Adelaide develop Australian Football in China - specifically Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou - for the next three years.

What, or who, is Shanghai Cred?

Shanghai Cred is a leading property developer based in Shanghai and a leader in agribusiness that has a number of business partnerships within the Australian farming industry.

Mr Gui Guojie is the founder of Shanghai Cred and a keen advocate for Australian Football. He saw his first AFL game at the Adelaide Oval in 2015. 

How can we play in China, but not lose a home game?

Port Adelaide is obliged to play 11 home games at the Adelaide Oval each year and can negotiate with other clubs to acquire their home games through paying compensation for relocating their 'home' fixture to the overseas venue.


What else will Port Adelaide do?

The Power will also run its pre-season camps in Shanghai. Previously the Power has run training camps in New Zealand (2011/12) and Dubai (2013/14, 2014/15).