Dear Members and Supporters,

There are some days that really test you.

We’ve had a few of them of late.

This week, we executed the first phase of a plan designed to enable our club to absorb the extraordinary financial repercussions of the global health crisis.

We are committed to doing everything we possibly can to give our club the best chance to make it through this crisis.

As of 5pm last night, the following actions have been taken;

  • Our administration and football workforce has been reduced by 80% for the immediate future
  • This includes immediate stand downs for more than 50 staff members
  • 8 administration roles have been made redundant
  • A skeleton ‘mission critical’ team is now in place on reduced hours and reduced salaries
  • The Port Club is closed
  • The Prince of Wales is closed
  • The Port Store is closed (you can still buy your Prison Bar jumpers and Port gear through our online store)

The AFL is reviewing its season suspension in late April and we will review our football operations again at this point and the remainder of our operation in early May.

Most of our players and coaches remain in self-isolation. Up until this week, we have deliberately asked them to focus on one thing only… get the job done in round one! Their understanding and willingness to support the club in our discussions this week have been exceptional.

As is occurring throughout the world, the club will pay a heavy price. It will take years to recover.

But, we will survive.

Just as green life is returning to the charred and desolate bushland on Kangaroo Island and in the Adelaide Hills, so it will at the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Next week, the remains of our workforce will pick up the ball again and start moving forward.

Tentatively at first, as we hunker down to see off the physical threat of the virus, before gathering ourselves up to start hurtling forward again.

We’re not there yet…but nothing is surer.

Our history and our fans will demand it.

On behalf of the entire Port Adelaide team, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Nothing is more important in difficult times, than unity. We’ve proven it time and again.

I would also like to thank every member of the Port Adelaide team who has sacrificed selflessly over the past week to ensure that we find a way through this extraordinarily uncertain and dangerous period.  

For our members, we are currently working through a range of options for you to consider for your membership contributions this year.

With so much disruption and uncertainty, it has taken us a few days to formulate these options so thanks again for your patience and support.

Our aim is to help everyone in whatever way we can because we know that this crisis is affecting us all.

The options for your membership in 2020 will be communicated in the very near future and our team will be on call to assist you as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.

Finally, and most importantly, please be careful with this virus.

Don’t take risks.

Stay at home and keep your family safe.

We’re looking forward to that Showdown…whenever that may be!

Take care,