Power to End Violence Against Women

The Power to End Violence Against Women program has been developed to raise awareness around the issue of violence against women and promote respectful relationships to young men in Year 10 across schools in South Australia.

Research on domestic violence shows that by the time they reach their teenage years, most young people have experienced or witnessed some form of domestic abuse.

Developed with Centacare Catholic Services and the Department for Education, the Power to End Violence Against Women program provides young men the opportunity to discuss the issue of violence against women and explore respectful relationships. In doing so, the program provides the information and skills necessary for young men to make informed choices to prevent violent behaviours in society.

In consultation with the Department for Education, the program complements the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum that is delivered in both primary and secondary schools.

Leadership Day

Participating students are invited to attend the annual Power to End Violence Against Women Leadership Day held as an extension of the school program.

The program is designed to develop student’s knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to have a safe and effective conversation with someone and/or group of people when they see or hear them engaging in behaviours that are directly and/or indirectly disrespectful to women.

Young men who participate in the full day program are encouraged to share their learnings to the wider male cohort at their respective schools.

Family Event

All participating students are invited to attend the annual Power to End Violence Against Women Event with their dad or male guardian. The event provides an opportunity for students to share their learnings, raise awareness of the issue of violence against women, and to discuss the importance of respectful relationships.

Students are joined by players and senior coaches as well as industry leaders in the prevention of violence space. 

Research Project

The Australian Centre for Community Services Research at Flinders University conducted a research project on the program as part of investigating primary prevention programs across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Results of the research program were extremely positive which included:

The PAFC engage directly with men and boys to start important conversations and work towards challenging entrenched attitudes that can contribute to gender-based violence;

The PAFC work with men and boys to become allies to support meaningful social change;

It was identified that sport and sporting role models play an integral part with connecting with communities and schools;

It recognised the importance of working within communities and schools;

The PAFC successfully introduced positive bystander models with some early indicators of positive outcomes; and

The PAFC Identify and work with community and student members to become leaders of social change.

Direct enquiries to Cam Sutcliffe, Community Programs Coordinator, csutcliffe@pafc.com.au


Support services available

In an emergency contact 000


1800 737 732


1800RESPECT is a free, confidential service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week which provides support to people who are experiencing, or are at risk of sexual assault, family and / or domestic violence or who have experienced this in the past.1800

RESPECT is a free, confidential


13 11 14

www.lifeline.org.auce, available

Lifeline provides access to 24 hour crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services.