HAVING a child drafted by an AFL club and packing their bags to shift interstate is a daunting prospect for any parent.

But when Josh Sinn’s name was called by Port Adelaide on the first day of the 2021 NAB AFL National Draft on Wednesday night his parents Gabrielle and David were elated.

For Collingwood supporter Gabrielle and Carlton barracker David, seeing their teenage son packing to begin his AFL dream at Alberton doesn’t carry any worry.

“I’m glad he’s out of the house,” joked David Sinn.

“He’s a mature kid and I think he’ll thrive being away from home. He’s pretty self-sufficient but he might actually have to learn to cook a bit more. I’m sure others will help with that.”

For Josh’s part, he claims to be a whiz when it comes to putting together gourmet salmon sandwiches and egg and bacon rolls, a product of some lessons in the kitchen from Gabrielle.

“I have been training him up for the last two months,” explained Gabrielle. “Because I decided if he gets drafted interstate, he needs to be able to cook more than just barbecue.

“He’s got a couple of signature dishes so he won’t starve.”

Sinn was visibly thrilled to have his name called by Port Adelaide at pick 12, seen on the broadcast to offer a small clenched fist celebration after the Power recruiters traded with West Coast to move up the order and secure his services.

He was quick to hug David and Gabrielle along with twin sister Chloe and younger sister Caitlin, while grandparents Jan and Peter Sinn were not far behind.

David explained getting to Port Adelaide was a perfect outcome.

“It’s a lifelong dream for Josh to get to the AFL level,” he said.

“Ever since he was five or six, he has had a ball in his hand and wanted to play football.

“It’s the fulfillment of that and he gets to go to a great football club with a great coach so we’re rapt.”

Josh Sinn shows off his new Port Adelaide colours.

Normally if you ask a sibling for some dirt on their brother, they would be happy to oblige.

Maybe it was the emotion of the night but Chloe Sinn found it hard to say a bad word about her twin.

“He’s a really nice guy who has always looked out for me and been there for me no matter what,” she said.

“Especially now we are of the legal age, he’s always checking if I need a lift or to be picked up somewhere he always puts his hand up.

“It hasn’t hit me just yet how I’ll feel being away from him but it’s really exciting for him and our family.

“I was really nervous. I tend to feel his emotion as well so while I was nervous, I’m really proud of him and what he has achieved.”

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They are sentiments echoed by David who was conscious of saying too many nice things about his son.

“I’m proud of all my kids but he’s a great kid. Very level headed, very mindful of others,” he said.

“We’ve heard a lot about how resilient the kids have been (in the draft) but to get through the last two years, captaining the Sandringham Dragons and supporting others through that time.

“He’s just selfless and worries about other people so he’ll be a great teammate.

“He can play lots of positions and ultimately it’s that raking left foot that I taught him that has been the best thing. He can kick it 60-70 metres on the run.

“That’s a strength and I’m looking forward to seeing that at Adelaide Oval next year.”

Younger sister Caitlin has already planned some renovations at the family home to make use of the extra bedroom once Sinn moves to Adelaide.

While her joy is tinged with a little bit of sadness, mum Gabrielle is looking forward to becoming more familiar with South Australia and in particular its wineries during more frequent trips to Adelaide next year.

“Just knowing how much Josh has wanted to get here I only feel joy for him,” she said.

“It’s really really exciting. I won’t deny it won’t feel a little bit strange when he goes but it’s only an hour flight and it’s not devastating.

“I’m excited for him being able to do what he’s wanted to do since he was three and just so proud.”