PORT ADELAIDE players have elected to retain the numbers they wore in 2021 but a host of new faces have learned which lockers they’ll have.

The arrival of Jeremy Finlayson from Greater Western Sydney in the trade period and free agent Sam Skinner, formerly of Brisbane via South Adelaide got the ball rolling before Port Adelaide picked up five other talented players via the National and Rookie drafts.

Finlayson wore the number 31 in 66 games with the Giants, a number that was available following the departure from Alberton of Trent Burgoyne.

However, the big forward has elected to take on the number 11 vacated by the retirement of Tom Rockliff.

Skinner wore number 21 at Brisbane and 16 at South Adelaide but with Aliir Aliir and Ollie Wines entrenched in those numbers respectively at Port Adelaide, he will take on number 31.

Former North Melbourne midfielder Trent Dumont, who wore the number 14 with the Kangaroos, will don the number 43, while first-round draftee Josh Sinn has been given the number 8, taking over from Hamish Hartlett who wore it with distinction for the last 12 seasons.

Jake Pasini will become the player with the highest number at the club as he remains in the number 48 and Tyson Goldsack hangs up his number 50 to take on a full time coaching role in 2022.

Of the other draftees, Jase Burgoyne will wear 36, Dante Visentini 38 and Hugh Jackson 39.

Number 35 remains preserved and 42 will not be used given it belongs to skipper Tom Jonas, leaving numbers 27, 40, 46, 47, 49 and 50 vacant for 2022.

Here is a brief overview of the new player numbers:

8 – Josh Sinn

Most recently worn by: Hamish Hartlett (2010-2021)

Premiership players: Angelo Congear, Samuel Howie, Stanley Jacquier, Ken Obst, George Brock, W. Tonkin, Ted Whelan, Steve Traynor, Brian Cunningham, Chris Natt, Brett Chalmers, Greg Anderson, Shaun Burgoyne

100 gamers: Ted Whelan, Steve Traynor, Brian Cunningham, Craig Ebert, Brett Chalmers, Fabian Francis, Shaun Burgoyne, Hamish Hartlett

11 – Jeremy Finlayson

Most recently worn by: Tom Rockliff (2018-2021)

Premiership players: Leonard Wisdom, Clarence Maywald, Clifford Keal, Christopher Johnston, Thomas Kellaway, David Boyd, Graham Virgo, Peter Mead, Douglas Spiers, Kym Kinnear, Scott Hodges, Damien Hardwick

100 gamers: Clarrie Maywald, Chris Johnston, Dave Boyd, Ross Haslam, Kim Kinnear, Scott Hodges

31 – Sam Skinner

Most recently worn by: Trent Burgoyne (2020-2021)

Premiership players: Harold Logan, Trevor Sorell, Julian Wait

100 gamers: Trevor Sorell, Julian Wait

36 – Jase Burgoyne

Most recently worn by: Boyd Woodcock (2019-2021)

Premiership players: Stephen Carter

100 gamers: Stephen Carter, Nick Stevens, Michael Pettigrew

38 – Dante Visentini

Most recently worn by: Pete Ladhams (2018-2021)

Premiership players: Shane Crothers, Roger James

100 gamers: Roger James

39 – Hugh Jackson

Most recently worn by: Justin Westhoff (2007- 2020)

Premiership players: Nil

100 gamers: Justin Westhoff

43 – Trent Dumont

Most recently worn by: Dan Houston (2016 - 2019)

Premiership players: Daniel Jaques

100 gamers: Dan Houston (40 games in number 5 since 2019)