Tom Jonas will lead Port Adelaide for a fourth season as captain, supported by Ollie Wines and Darcy Byrne-Jones. Photo: Matt Sampson.

TOM JONAS will lead Port Adelaide in 2022 as part of a three-man leadership group.

Entering his fourth season as club captain, Jonas will be supported by Brownlow Medallist Ollie Wines and 2020 John Cahill Medallist Darcy Byrne-Jones.

The leadership group is unchanged from 2021, other than the departure from the club of Hamish Hartlett.

Coach Ken Hinkley was full of praise for Jonas’ leadership.

“We are really fortunate to have a strong group of leaders at our club, and none more so than Tom,” Hinkley said.

“He leads by example on and off the field and drives the standards expected of those who represent the Port Adelaide Football Club.

“Ollie and Darcy have been a wonderful support for Tom and each of them brings unique skills and perspectives to the leadership group.

“There is no doubt that Tom, Ollie and Darcy are the right leaders to take our club forward.”

Wines has been a member of the club’s leadership group since 2015, when he was elevated as a 20-year-old.

Byrne-Jones was added to the group last season.