Becky Lucas engaged in a 45-minute vulnerable discussion with host Rosie Panetta. Image: Angus Northeast.

AFTER gracing the stages of some of the world’s biggest comedy festivals and featuring on multiple prime time television shows across the course of her illustrious career, Becky Lucas has quickly become a household name since her explosion into the stand-up comedy and writing scene in 2013.  

Recognising Becky’s unique and impactful story, career and life experiences, Port Adelaide’s not-for-profit charity arm, Power Community Limited (PCL) welcomed her as the keynote speaker at the annual Empowered event at Adelaide Oval.  

The Empowered program, delivered to Year 10 female students statewide, provides young women with the tools they need to understand healthy relationships and foster a well-developed sense of self, in a carefully crafted program developed in conjunction with Centacare Catholic Family Services and the Government of South Australia. 

As an extension to the program, with the support of the South Australian Women’s Fund, PCL delivered its second consecutive leadership event aimed to empower and inspire young women while providing greater understanding of factors that contribute to gender inequality, to challenge gender stereotypes, overcome societal barriers and develop a strong sense of self-worth. 

During a 45-minute vulnerable discussion with host Rosie Panetta in front of almost 300 secondary school students from across the state, Becky shared her lived experiences of navigating her success in a traditionally male dominated industry and how she, as a young up and coming comedian, navigated the challenges this presented for her personally.  

Power Community Limited delivered its second consecutive leadership event aimed to empower young women. Image: Angus Northeast.

The conversation then moved into Becky’s vulnerable and intimate knowledge of identifying healthy relationships, after she sadly witnessed a friend experience domestic abuse at a very young age.  

General Manager of PCL, Jake Battifuoco said the alignment between the program’s curriculum and Becky’s willingness to share her first-hand life experiences made her a perfect and relatable fit for the audience. 

“Becky has achieved incredible success in various aspects of her career, and the synergy between what the students learn through our event and her lived first-hand experiences were perfectly aligned, creating a platform for an impactful and important discussion today” Mr. Battifuoco said. 

“The Empowered program is centred around the critical need for primary prevention, and educating and arming students with tools and knowledge at a young age is essential for change.  

Comedian and writer Becky Lucas was the keynote speaker at the annual Empowered event at Adelaide Oval. Image: Angus Northeast.

“Students heard tips first-hand from Becky on how to help as a bystander, but also what might be a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship in their own lives. 

“I am confident that each student walked away today with increased knowledge on the topics presented and skills that they’ll be able to apply to their own relationships and future careers, which is exactly why we deliver not only the program, but events like today.  

“There has been a staggering six women killed in the last ten days with 58 deaths so far this year.  As outlined in The National Plan to End Violence Against Women and their Children, prevention is a crucial part of ending gendered based violence and why PCL along with our partners, are so passionate about our primary prevention programs and growing them in the years to come.  

“’I’d like to thank Centacare Catholic Family Services, the Government of South Australia and the South Australian Women’s Fund for their support in helping us deliver important programs and events. It simply wouldn’t be possible without them”.