Port Adelaide has confirmed number changes for 2024. Image: AFL Photos.

LIKE father, like son. At least that is what Port Adelaide fans and the Burgoyne family will be hoping as Jase Burgoyne, son of Peter, is set to inherit his father’s famous number seven guernsey in 2024. 

The elder Burgoyne had number seven emblazoned on his back as his took to the dias to accept his AFL premiership medal in 2004, with a 14-month-old Jase taking in the moment at the MCG from his father’s arms. 

Jase will continue to carry on his family's legacy, set to don the famous number 7 in 2024. Image: AFL Photos.

The number seven has also notably been worn by the legendary Russell Ebert, as well as six-time premiership player Roger Delaney and Magarey Medallist, Sampson “Shine” Hosking. 

Burgoyne’s vacated number 36 will be filled by incoming draftee Will Lorenz, who joined the club last week from the Oakleigh Chargers. 

Fellow draftees Tom Anastasopoulos (29), Lachie Charleson (26) and Xavier Walsh (45) have also been handed their first guernseys at Alberton, as have new recruits Ivan Soldo (13), Jordon Sweet (24), Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (25) and Esava Ratugolea (27). 

Meanwhile, last year’s mid-season draftee Quinton Narkle will shuffle several spots down the benches in the newly redeveloped Alberton changerooms, as he changes from guernsey 47 to 42. This marks the first time the 42 will be seen at AFL level since 2019, after it was held aside for now retired captain Tom Jonas as he stepped into the number 1 jumper. 

Number 35 remains preserved in honour of the late John McCarthy, while the number 43 guernsey remains without a home in 2024. Jonas’ retirement means the traditional number 1 jumper will have a new owner for the upcoming season, leaving that players current number vacant for the duration of their captaincy. 

Here is an overview of all of the new numbers for 2024 and the rich history behind them: 

7 – Jase Burgoyne 

Most recently worn by: Xavier Duursma (2021 – 23, was previously #21 2019 – 20) 

Premiership players: Allan Blagrove, Peter Burgoyne, Mark Dawson, Roger Delaney, John Dewhirst, Russell Ebert, Laurence Hodge, Sampson “Shine” Hosking, David Gill, Christopher Johnston, Peter Marrett, Chris Natt, Allan “Bull” Reval, Lew Roberts, William Whicker  

100 gamers: Peter Burgoyne, Stephen Curtis, Roger Delaney, Brad Ebert, Russell Ebert, David Gill, Sampson “Shine” Hosking, Peter Marrett, Chris Natt, Allan “Bull” Reval, Lew Roberts, William Whicker 

13 – Ivan Soldo  

Most recently worn by: Orazio Fantasia (2021 – 23) 

Premiership players: John McBain, John Bennett, Geoff Blethyn, Roger Clift, Ned Hender, Ernest “Punch” Mucklow, Ken Obst, Robert Philp, Rohan Smith, Dean Trowse, Len Warren 

100 gamers: Roger Clift, Mark Dolling, Ned Hender, Bill McFarlane, Ken Obst, Robert Philp, Rohan Smith, Dean Trowse 

24 – Jordon Sweet 

Most recently worn by: Jake Pasini (2023) 

Premiership players: Brian Beinke, Ivor Dangerfield, James W. Doyle, Allen Greer, Tony Hannan, Frederick G.L. Galliford, Anthony Martyn, Bruce Nyland, Lew Roberts, John W. Robertson, Kevin Salvemini, Mark Tylor 

100 gamers: Brian Beinke, Bruce Nyland, Mark Tylor 

25 – Brandon Zerk-Thatcher 

Most recently worn by: Sam Hayes (2018 – 23) 

Premiership players: Maxwell G. Carmichael, Domenic Cassisi, Wallace Dittmar, Paul Evans, Danny Hughes, Russell Johnston, Thomas Kellaway, Alan J. Maynard, Peter Mead, Peter Obst, Troy Olsen, Geoff Phelps, Kevin Salmon, Laurence Stevens, Norman Wilkins 

100 gamers: Domenic Cassisi, Danny Hughes, Peter Obst, Geoff Phelps 

26 – Lachie Charleson 

Most recently worn by: Riley Bonner (2016 – 23) 

Premiership players: Greg Anderson, Frederick E. Dewar, Richard Foster, Ned Hender, Peter Hofner, Bruce Light, Brian Luke, Daniel Morgan, Bruce Nyland, Lloyd Rudd 

100 gamers: Greg Anderson, Richard Foster, Ned Hender, Bruce Light 

27 – Esava Ratugolea 

Most recently worn by: Brynn Teakle (2022 – 23) 

Premiership players: Anthony Bamford, Brian Coldwell, Danny Hughes, David Hutton, Max James, Arthur “Bob” Marrett, Colin Parham, Kevin Salmon 

100 gamers: Alipate Carlile, David Hutton, Max James, Arthur “Bob” Marrett, James Meiklejohn, Colin Parham, Kevin Salmon 

29 – Tom Anastasopoulous 

Most recently worn by: Scott Lycett (2019 – 23) 

Premiership players: Robert Dolan, Ben Harris, Adam Kingsley, Robert West 

100 gamers: Ben Harris, Adam Kingsley, Paul Marrett, Jasper Pittard 

36 – Will Lorenz 

Most recently worn by: Jase Burgoyne (2022 – 23) 

Premiership players: Stephen Carter 

100 gamers: Michael Pettigrew, Nick Stevens 

42 – Quinton Narkle 

Most recently worn by: Tom Jonas (2011 – 19, inactive while Jonas served as captain until 2023) 

Premiership players: nil

100 gamers: Tom Jonas

45 – Xavier Walsh 

Most recently worn by: Nathan Barkla (2023) 

Premiership players: nil 

100 gamers: nil