Josh Sinn was impressive in Port Adelaide's internal trial on Friday. Image: Matt Sampson.

PORT ADELAIDE utility Josh Sinn was a standout in Friday night’s internal trial match, following two injury-affected seasons in the AFL system. 

Training mainly as a half-back throughout pre-season, Sinn admits he’s been gradually growing in confidence and consistency. 

The 21-year-old spoke to the Adelaide media on Monday to talk about the learnings from the intraclub game, the mental battle of injury, and his goals for 2024.  

Sinn on Friday night’s internal trial performance 
“Yeah, I think not only just to play well, but also to get through four quarters. And it's been a long time since I've been able to do that. So I think it's a really good step in the right direction and something I can build on for the rest of the season. 


“I think I've always had that belief in myself and I know I can play some pretty good football. I just haven't been able to show it as much as what I'd like to so being able to consistently stay out there and train that's been something that's massive for me.” 

Sinn on the team’s learnings from the internal trial 
“Obviously just few areas we need to tidy up before we head into actual opposition. Then also still learning (about) each other and the way we all play, which is really exciting. I won't go into too much detail but (we) just (need to) keep working together. Mainly just working as a team in defence too.” 

Sinn on his injury-affected start to his AFL career 
“It's been really frustrating. I think, in a sense, I've learned so much already in such a short period of time. But I think even playing last year, I think I maybe played 17 (SANFL) games, although they weren't AFL level these getting through some sort of games. Ken's been really big on just playing minutes. That's been really big and I think that's going to show this year. I'll be able to, hopefully perform better, like last weekend.” 

Sinn on the mental battle of injury 
“I think my first year was a bit of a struggle coming over. Not really knowing anyone over here, but the club were really good in that sense of being able to let me go home and I needed to. Mum and dad were a huge help in that first year and then also last year as well. So I couldn’t thank them enough. 

“I think I knew I wanted to give back to the people of Port Adelaide and especially Ken for putting his faith in me and drafting me so I think more for me, I just wanted to get back as quick as I could. And pull on the Port Adelaide guernsey because that’s what I’m here for.” 

Josh Sinn has overcome a challenging first two years of his AFL career, now looking ahead to earning consistent playing time. Image: Brandon Hancock.

Sinn on his progress 
“I think if my first year that took a lot out of me mainly mentally, just that confidence sort of thing. This pre-season it’s been building that confidence up and I feel like after last Friday I feel pretty good. And I guess that sort of change of direction stuff I feel like I'm pretty confident now I can really explode now.” 

Sinn on learning to look after his body 
“I think I've taken two years to work out how much stuff I need to do outside of the club. For me, Pilates has been a massive contributing factor and days off at the club still I need to be doing stuff. More in a sense just getting through training each time and building that mental strength.” 

Sinn on watching his teammates break into the AFL side 
“It's been awesome to watch a lot of my mates play well. I've always said I'd love to be doing the same. But yeah, my time will come. Ken's been really good with me just when I'm fit like I'm (ready) to go. I think time will tell.” 

Sinn on his ideal position 
“I've been training pretty much as a sole halfback this pre-season mainly just to get some consistency around my game. I think that's helped a lot. But I'm sure if there's an opportunity moving up the ground then I’ll take that too.” 

Sinn on his goals for the year 
“Playing games. Yeah, I think I'm pretty sick of the talk of just getting through games, getting minutes done. I'm here to perform and to play AFL. I think if I can keep putting my best foot forward, week in week out, then I'm sure I can be there.” 

Sinn on Mitch Georgiades and Trent McKenzie 
“It's massive. I think everyone knows how big Mitch is to the group and the energy he brings and something as simple as today, Trent McKenzie coming back, that's a massive boost for us morally as well.”