CHRISTMAS is just 12 days away, and to celebrate, will be making four big announcements.

Boak signs

Travis Boak's one-year contract extension was revealed on Monday morning after this clue on Sunday night:

The First Black, Teal and White Christmas Clue

Instead of going on forums to search high and low, 

And asking your friends if they're in the know, 

We'll save you the trouble of hoping for a leak

of the good news we have for you this week.

So without further ado, here's our first clue, 

It's a puppet from TV, dressed all in blue...



The Answer

Of course, this is Scott Tracy from the hit 60s supermarionation classic Thunderbirds.

We had some interesting guesses as to what the announcement might be, including a partnership (again) with the local state netball team that shares the TV show's name.

But those who have seen Thunderbirds (or any of its modern reboots), or did a little research, would know that Scott Tracy is the leader of the show's band of heroes, and is the pilot of Thunderbird One.

If the leadership angle wasn't a dead giveaway for Travis Boak's announcement, the ship he pilots surely was...

That's Thunderbird One - or TB1 - in action.

And here's the Power's TB1 in action.


The clue for Tuesday's announcement will be released at 6:00pm on Monday night.