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Fos Williams SA Sport Hall Of Fame

The Port Adelaide Football Club congratulates the Williams Family on the recent induction of Club great Fos Williams into the Sport SA Hall of Fame.

Fos Williams’ impact and legacy at the Port Adelaide Football Club is without peer.

In 2001 he was named the Captain Coach of the Club’s Greatest Team, whilst also being a member of the Port Adelaide Hall of Fame. His family’s history at Port Adelaide is unheralded, with sons Stephen, Mark and Anthony all having a major influences in their own rights in shaping the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Fos Williams, who led the club to nine Premierships as either captain or coach, is also an AFL Legend, SA Football Hall of Fame Member and now, a member of the Sport SA Hall of Fame.

Foster Neil Williams

Captain Coach of Port Adelaide’s Greatest Ever Team 1870-2000
151 games for Port Adelaide between 1950 and 1958
Six Premierships as Captain Coach 1951, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58
Three Premierships as Coach 1962, 63, 65
Club Best & Fairest Award 1950, 55
Club Leading Goalkicker 1950, 51, 55

Port Adelaide Football Club Creed

We, the players and management of the Port Adelaide Football Club accept the heritage which players and administrators have passed down to us; in so doing we do not intend to rest in idleness but shall strive with all our power to further this club's unexcelled achievements.

To do this we believe -

There is great merit and noble achievement in winning a premiership.

That to be successful each of us must be active, aggressive and devoted to this cause.

We agree that success is well within our reach and  have confidence that each member of both the team and management will suffer personal sacrifices for the common end.

Also we know that, should we after striving to our utmost after giving everything still not be successful our efforts will become a further part of this club's enviable tradition.

Finally, we concede there can be honour in defeat, but to each of us, honourable defeat of our club and guernsey can come only after human endeavour on the playing field is completely exhausted.

- Fos Williams, 1962