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2018 B&F: The history of the SANFL awards

THE who's who of Port Adelaide will pour into the Adelaide Convention Centre on FridayOctober 5 to crown its best and fairest players for the 2018 season, with the John Cahill Medal and A.R. McLean Medal being presented to the top Power and Magpies players. 

Along with the club champion awards, a range of other merits are presented to those who are deemed to have excelled in each individual field. 

Many of the awards are named after significant clubmen too, so get up to speed with's guide to the gongs. In part 2 we will look at the SANFL awards. 

A.R. McLean Medal

Named after: Allan Robert Charles ‘Bob’ McLean OBE – after retiring at the end of the 1949 season, McLean served as Port Adelaide’s secretary and general manager. Was a former ruckman with the club prior to his long service in administration.

Awarded to: the best performing Port Adelaide SANFL League player. All Port Adelaide SANFL coaches, including Matthew Lokan, Chad Cornes, Trent Hentschel and Scott Thompson – voted on their top players on a 0-5 basis for each game. This means a player can be awarded a maximum of 20 and a minimum of zero votes for a match.

Previous Winners: (Since 1986)

1986 Martin Leslie

1987 Bruce Abernethy

1988 Greg Phillips

1989 Russell Johnston

1990 Scott Hodges

1991 Paul Northeast

1992 Nathan Buckley

1993 Troy Bond

1994 Tim Ginever

1995 Robbie West

1996 Scott Hodges

1997 Tim Ginever

1998 Bryan Beinke

1999 Darryl Poole

2000 Phil McGuinness

2001 Ryan O’Connor

2002 Corey Ah Chee

2003 Brett Ebert

2004 Kristian DePasquale

2005 Jeremy Clayton

2006 Jeremy Clayton

2007 Jeremy Clayton

2008 Jeremy Clayton

2009 Brad Murray

2010 Steven Summerton

2011 Mark Dolling

2012 Jeremy Clayton

2013 Sam Gray

2014 Steven Summerton

2015 Steven Summerton

2016 Kane Mitchell

2017 Brendon Ah Chee 

Fos Williams Memorial Trophy – League Most Dedicated

Named after: Foster Williams – Port Adelaide’s defining coach, who first joined the club for the 1950 season and would build a remarkable golden age of the club in the SANFL. Under his watch, the club won nine flags and he is widely credited with establishing the perpetual values of the club, penning the famous ‘Creed of the Port Adelaide Football Club’ and coining its eternal mantra ‘We Exist to Win Premierships’

Awarded to: the most dedicated Port Adelaide SANFL player.

Previous Winners: 

(since 1986 as most dedicated)

1986 Craig Lum

1987 Martin Leslie

1988 Tim Ginever

1989 Darren Smith

1990 Mark Williams

1991 Gary Smallridge

1992 Darryl Borlase

1993 Tim Ginever

1994 Stephen Williams

1995 Roger Delaney

1996 Michael Wilson

1997 Phil McGuinness

1998 Brian Leys

1999 Damien Brown

2000 Mark Clayton

2001 Shane Holmes

(as Fos Williams Memorial Trophy)

2002 Jared Ilett

2003 Mark Clayton

2004 Kristian DePasquale

2005 Kristian DePasquale

2006 Mark Clayton

2007 Justin Perkins

2008 Kristian DePasquale

2009 Justin Perkins

2010 Jarrod Young

2011 Daniel Kulikowski

2012 Jarrod Young

2013 Steven Summerton

2014 Ben Newton

2015 Anthony Biemans

2016 Luke Reynolds

2017 Jimmy Toumpas 

Anthony Williams Memorial Trophy – League Most Courageous

Named after: Anthony Williams – son of Foster and brother of premiership coaches Mark and Stephen and sister Jenny, Anthony was a skilled Port footballer who passed away after a building accident in 1988. This award was minted in his memory at the end of the 1988 season.

Awarded to: the most courageous Port Adelaide SANFL player.

Previous Winners: 

1988 Tim Ginever

1989 Stephen Williams

1990 Tim Ginever

1991 Mark Williams

1992 Darren Smith

1993 Darryl Borlase

1994 Stephen Carter

1995 Tim Ginever

1996 Darryl Poole

1997 Mark Clayton

1998 Alf Steed

1999 Mark Clayton

2000 Alf Steed

2001 Alf Steed

2002 Mark Clayton

2003 Corey Ah Chee

2004 Nigel Fiegert

2005 Mark Clayton

2006 Kristian DePasquale

2007 Levi Greenwood

2008 Daniel Elstone

2009 Daniel Elstone

2010 Kory Beard

2011 Luke Harder

2012 Daniel Kulikowski

2013 Daniel Kulikowski

2014 Tom Logan

2015 Tom Logan

2016 Anthony Biemans

2017 Joe Atley 

Bob Clayton Memorial Award

Named after: Bob Clayton - Former General Manager of Port Adelaide in the AFL and SANFL and integral in the establishment of the club in the AFL. 

Awarded to: a person in recognition of their service to the club's SANFL operations who demonstrates Bob Clayton's qualities of positive, honest, trustworthy, loyal and committed.

Previous Winners:(since 2011)

2011 Daniel Lees

2012 Adrian Settre

2013 John Settre

2014 Linda Crabb

2015 Garry Hocking

2016 Anthony Biemans

2017 Mark Clayton 

The following are awarded but not presented on the night.

Bruce Weber Memorial Trophy – Best Team Man

Named after: Bruce Weber - President of the Port Adelaide Football Club from 1986-1992. Responsible for leading the club's first bid to join the AFL in 1990, and widely regarded as the catalyst for Port Adelaide's existence in the AFL.

Awarded to: the player who is regarded as the club's best team man in the SANFL by his teammates.

Previous Winners: (since 1986)

1986 Martin Leslie

1987 Stephen Curtis

1988 Russell Johnston

1989 Greg Phillips

1990 Greg Phillips

1991 Paul Northeast

1992 Tim Ginever

1993 Tim Ginever

1994 Stephen Williams

1995 Darren Smith

1996 Darryl Poole

1997 Darryl Borlase

1998 Danny Morgan

1999 Brian Leys

2000 Ricky O’Loughlin

2001 Corey Ah Chee

2002 Brayden Lyle

2003 Paul Evans

2004 Anthony Brown

2005 Anthony Brown

(since 2006 as Bruce Weber Memorial Trophy)

2006 Matthew Lokan

2007 Tom Carr

2008 Daniel Lees

2009 Corey Ah Chee

2010 James Meiklejohn

2011 Daniel Kulikowski

2012 Jarrod Young

2013 Sam Gray

2014 Anthony Biemans

2015 Louis Sharrad

2016 Paul Stewart

2017 Matthew Lobbe 

Max Porter Memorial Trophy – League Most Consistent

Named after: Max Porter - a long-standing servant of the club in both League and Reserves football, working closely with Bob McLean to manage the expenditure of the club's football program.

Awarded to: the most consistent Port Adelaide SANFL player.

Previous Winners: (introduced 1987)

1987 Phil Harrison

1988 Darren Smith

1989 Simon Tregenza

1990 Simon Tregenza

1991 George Fiacchi

1992 Roger Delaney

1993 Roger Delaney

1994 Scott Spalding

1995 Rohan Smith

1996 Darryl Borlase

1997 Darren Smith

1998 Richard Ambrose

1999 Phil McGuinness

2000 Phil McGuinness

2001 Ryan O’Connor

2002 not awarded

2003 Craig Parry

2004 Corey Ah Chee

2005 Daniel Elstone

2006 Corey Ah Chee

2007 Joel Perry

2008 Joel Perry

2009 Brad Murray

2010 Steven Summerton

2011Mark Dolling

2012 Luke Slattery

2013 Kory Beard

2014 Steven Summerton

2015 Steven Summerton

2016 Kane Mitchell

2017 Jarrod Lienert 

Best First Year Player

Awarded to: the Port Adelaide SANFL player regarded as the best playing in his debut season.

Previous Winners: (since 1986)

1986 Geoff Phelps

1987 Andrew Obst

1988 David Brown

1989 Adrian Settre

1990 Gavin Wanganeen

1991 Nathan Buckley

1992 Julian Burton

1993 Che Cockatoo-Collins

1994 Darryl Wakelin

1995 Clive Waterhouse

1996 Nigel Fiegert

1997 Brett Higgins

1998 Paul Vines

1999 Ricky O’Loughlin

2000 Corey Ah Chee

2001 James Wilson

2002 Brett Ebert

2003 Harry Miller

2004 Shayne Biasci

2005 Ivan Maric

2006 Mark Dolling

2007 Levi Greenwod

2008 Kerren Hall

2009 Daniel Stanley

2010 Luke Carey

2011 Justin Hoskin

2012 Aseri Raikiwasa

2013 Jake Johansen

2014 Karl Amon

2015 Sidney Masters

2016 Nathan Rudloff

2017 Not awarded